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Xtra-Power :Xp.css automatically takes care of potrait or landscape view... Feel relax.

Stop scratching your head for potrait or landscape responsive view.
xp.css is single css library that turns any app to go responsive form small devices to smart tv.

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This means you don't need to learn or use tools for mobile / TV UI development. Your simple html css website automatically fits in all devices. From text size to elements size like button, images, tabs, divs etc start growing and shrinking as per device size.

Draw your UI only and forget all pain of making every elements going responsive.

Join us

contact us here or on GitHub. We add you as contributor.

How to use xp.css:

Just download and link it or
link it by github link:

Here is demo on codepen:
Check with potrait as well as landscape. See how elements changes size. Rotate your mobile phone.

Version xp.css: 1.0 ( Nov 2020)


Join development of xp.css. Pull Request Welcome :)
Urgently needed :) (Mail me on


MIT . You are free to use xp.css in personal and commercial projects

GitHub logo Manishfoodtechs / xp

xtra power frontend and backend tools

xp stands for Xtra Power Tools

The aim of this respository is to provide 'tools' with xtra-power.

  1. xp.css A front-end developer needs to make every thing responsive as per different device sizes. Just imagine , they get a css library that takes care of every thing to go responsive in any device size - small phones to TVs. For Instance The size of text , buttons, images, cards, menu etc.

Why xp was created (a) Linking one CSS library ensures the responsiveness of all users. (b) Unlike bootstrap or other libraries, you can modify code of xp.css as per your project. You dont need to scratch your head.

  1. xp-backened Just imagine you only need to define lables and you get a code in PHP, RUST , JS, C++ , Phython etc in a click. ( Coming Soon).

  2. xp-Websitecreator Drag and Drop beautiful site maker. Its Scalable... Share your snippet with…

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