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Why choose Unity 3D for your first game development project

manojrawat77 profile image Manoj Rawat ・5 min read

Are you looking for a game development engine that can simplify your task of making games and make it easier for you to come up with stellar games that are well received by your audience? Then you should definitely consider using the Unity 3D game engine as it is one of the most user friendly game development tools that you will ever find. The Unity game engine can be best described as a tool that can help you to develop cross platform games while implementing the best features on them. With Unity, you can easily create simulations, 2D games, 3D games, augmented reality and VR games. Apart from gaming, Unity is also used in other industries like the movie industry, engineering and architecture.

With the widespread popularity of Unity game development services, numerous game development studios have now come up that specifically cater to the clients that want to have their games designed with Unity. It comes with an extensive range of tools and features that allow developers to customize the game in any way they like. Games that are designed with Unity have a high rate of success in appealing to the mass audience than games that are crafted with other tools. Unity can also simplify the process of coding and thus make things easier even for first time game designers and developers.

If you are looking to have a game that can compete with some of the best gaming entries in the world right now, you should definitely opt for Unity. Learning about the benefits of Unity is a good way to start in that direction. Here are some of the best reasons for you to work with Unity 3D game engine when you are looking to launch your first game development project.

You can use it for free

It is quite natural that you are short on financial resources when you are launching your first game development project. For this reason, Unity 3D can be a perfect choice for you as you can find its free version online and start using it without any hassles. There is also a paid Proform version of Unity, but you will still get a lot of exciting features in the free version as well. While the free version of Unity allows you to come up with awesome looking games, you can further enhance them with the paid version if you are keen on that. It is, for this reason, that game app developers who are looking to start in their career love to work with Unity. For instance, if you are looking to boost the 3D composition or the sound quality of the games, you can definitely benefit from working with Unity. You can also come up with all kinds of full version games while saving on expenditure.

It has one of the best developer communities

There can be times when you find that you are stuck at some point while creating a game and would love to have some support. With Unity, you can definitely get the best support for your game development needs. Unless you consult a group of reliable developers who can help you out, it is highly likely that you are going to only produce a faulty game with a lot of performance glitches. The community of Unity developers consists of more than two million individuals and they can help you to resolve all kind of challenges you face during game development. If you are looking to find testers for your game, you can easily find them by going through the Unity game development community.

Unity provides with support for all major gaming platforms
Mobile game development companies simply love to work with Unity as it is extremely versatile and flexible and can offer competent support for numerous platforms. Whether you are looking to design games for iOS or Android devices, gaming consoles like Sony PlayStation or Microsoft XBOX, Windows or MAC PCs, you can definitely have the best results when you choose to work with Unity. Porting the games is also easily achieved when you opt for Unity game development. Whatever be the nature of the game, you can certainly enhance its appeal and features by making use of Unity.

Best gaming solutions from Unity Asset Store

Unity provides with the Unity Asset Store where you can find everything you need to build a solid and stable game. Whether you are looking to design characters or backdrops, ambiences and scenes, Unity Asset Store can certainly help you with that. Musicians, model makers and gaming craftsmen can also find plenty of opportunities to boost their revenues by making the best of the scopes offered at Unity Asset Store.
Unity lets you create fantastic 2D games without any hassles
While most game development studios love to work with Unity for its brilliant 3D features, it is also well suited for projects that involve 2D gaming. You can now easily design 2D games that can be played in different types of gaming consoles, PCs and mobiles. The Unity application v4.3 comes with a 2D motor that can help you to come up with stellar 2D games very easily. Even when you are designing 2D games, you can implement a wide range of real world physics in the games when you choose to go with Unity for the development process.

Easily usable scripting languages

JavaScript and C# are the scripting languages used for Unity game development and both of them are easy to use and work with.

Design high end multiplayer games

A major reason as to why Unity game development has become so much popular over the years is that it allows users to design some of the finest multiplayer games without much effort. Unity offers tons of versatile features which can help in creating dynamic and highly entertaining games that can be used by players opting for console gaming or web based gaming. Even when you are trying to develop games that have a lot of features and take a substantial effort, you can be sure of the fact that Unity can make things significantly easier for you. For this reason, the Unity engine is just perfect for large scale multiplayer games.

Unity is easy to use

Compared to some of the other game development tools that you can find in the web, Unity is much more convenient and easy to use. Even if you think that Unity is somewhat difficult at the initial stages, you would be glad to know that the platform itself is not really all that complex. Moreover, you can also develop games with Unity without the assistance of some other expert. The diverse range of tools can help you to create high end games and apply your rich ideas practically into all facets of game development. You can also get yourself acquainted with the various features of Unity before you start with your project as that can make your task a lot easier.

Plenty of online tutorials for Unity

Learning about Unity now is fairly easy as there are plenty of websites that offer people the scope to enhance their skills with it. You can check out these tutorials and podcasts when you want to get professional training on using Unity. You can also come up with different types of simple games based on Unity as you go through the Unity game development course.

Once you have decided that you are going to hire game developer company that can successfully manage your project, you should definitely opt for a Unity game developer as they can certainly help you to realize your dreams of having the perfect game. No matter the type of gaming idea you have, you can certainly find Unity to be well suited for it.

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