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Ok here we go! | DevTo / DO Hackathon


I must say dude, is my first hackathon, so i'm little nervous. Lets start. I plan to document my progress here and on my personal blog as the days go by.

The millionarie IDEA (or no)

I thought of a problem that I have at home and probably other people as well, the uncontrolled consumption of electricity, it is something simple but it can help you save some bills and at the same time inform the benefits of saving energy for the Earth as a page of destination.


You can see the repo here

  • Creating the repo and first plan I didn't do much today, let's say I was planning the phases that I will have to go through to finish this on time.

The first step to prevent them from seeing an empty page in the process is to publish a small React app with a countdown towards the estimated project completion date.
There is a guide from which I was inspired, here you can see it.

once created I will upload as seen in the next update with the link

Resume steps

  • create the landing page
  • deploy the static resources
  • implement node for some features (sockets and some endpoints)
  • code refactor ...
  • deploy all repo features on DigitalOcean throught an powerfull CI/CD tool >:)
  • be happy eating pizza

Its all for this article, see you in the next! Dont forget follow me for read this adventure...

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Yep for now, in the next part i will update the repo β˜•

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