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Typescript: How I passed from find it useless to love it

I started my journey into programming in the Christmas of two years ago, I wanted to learn JavaScript because we would see it in class and I wanted to be prepared.
So my intention was just give the basics, no frameworks or anything like that, innocent me didn't know that I would fall in love with programming and web development.
The start was hard, it was my first programming language so it was a lot of new concepts in my mind,but with time and patience (I recognize I got frustrated a few times during the way,but the support of my girlfriend made a difference) I could learn it and then after that my ideas of stop there were totally gone.
I wanted more so I went to Nodejs and then React but it had a thing that was getting every time more trendy that was Typescript, I never touched any programming language that wasn't JavaScript so my experience with typed languages was null.
So my mind was like

¿ Why would I need to indicate the types ?
¿ Why would I take that effort and extra time ?

I just couldn't find the sense.
This changed one day that I started to learn Dart for Flutter, I wanted to create a mobile app for a project of school and even though I could have go for React Native I wanted to try a different thing to take some rest of JavaScript.
Dart is the language that made me start to appreciate the benefits of the Typed languages even do not being strongly typed It was perfect for me since I was doing it because I was having a more comfortable experience programming.
Then I did myself the magical question that started the trip that ended with me here writing this.
¿Why do not give a chance to Typescript?
And oh boy, It was like discover the fire.
I started using Typescript in my Node-Express Projects and it felt awesome, in the client side I took more time to give the Jump, but now I can say that both my Node and React code is written in Typescript and I don't have any regrets.
With this I don't want to say that Typescript is a obligatory thing and you are outdated and not a good programmer if you are still using JavaScript, not at all.
I want to share my experience so maybe someone read this and get the motivation necessary to give a try and maybe he finds as useful as I did , and in case that no, at least you tried a different thing that is always good.

My favorite things of Typescript are:

  1. Detect errors while coding not while running
  2. Autocomplete
  3. You know in every moment what you are doing and with what you are working

So I hope someone find my experience useful and didn't get too bored with this long post

Thank you for read!

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patarapolw profile image
Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

I regretted a little when realized the lack of backward compat and lock in.

manuelmartindev profile image

It has some negative things as every technology is not perfect, at the end of the day what matters is if it helps you to reach your objective, in my case it does but since every person have different necessities the experience using it can change from one person to other

mdhesari profile image
Mohammad Fazel

Good article
Cheers to your girl friend!

manuelmartindev profile image

Thank you so much ! 🙂

kranzaklilu profile image

Thank you very much It really did Motivate me. Am also having a hard time implementing Typescript in react But I now know its Worth it. Thanks!

manuelmartindev profile image

Thanks to you! 🙂
Yeah at the start is hard to implement it, my first projects using Typescript in react I took like double of the time just finding out things I was doing wrong related to Typescript, but with persistence and a lot of google searches I got there, I'm still not a perfect Typescript developer but I can say that it already give me a lot of benefits