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πŸ’»:~:$ That DevOps Guy

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RabbitMQ series for beginners

Are you new to Message brokers, Queue and messaging services ?
If you're a programmer or a DevOps engineer, this one's for you. πŸ€“

I've started a new series on RabbitMQ πŸ“Ί
In the first video, we cover:

  • How to run RabbitMQ
  • What is a message queue
  • What is asynchronous messaging
  • What role RabbitMQ plays in microservice architectures

We also cover basic features, configurations and we finally write some code that produces a message and another application that consumes the message from the queue.

During this video, I showcase the entire process and provide you with source code on GitHub so you can follow along

Let's start with the basics of RabbitMQ:

Once we get the basics right, we'll learn how to run a RabbitMQ cluster in a highly available manner with replication and clustering

Now that we've learnt how to run RabbitMQ in HA, the best place to run containers would be on a platform like Kubernetes.
In this video we take everything we learned and see what it takes to get it running on Kubernetes.

This focuses on:

  • Storage
  • Persistence
  • The Statefulset
  • Deployment
  • Failover testing
  • Replication testing

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