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The Best Cloud for Kubernetes ?

As a DevOps engineer, understanding how Kubernetes is cloud native is important. Kubernetes decouples our software from the infrastructure. It allows us to thinking less about scheduling, compute instances, health checks, load balancing, service discovery and more.

We can simply package our app in a container, and throw it at Kubernetes and then tell Kubernetes how we want the app to be distributed, scaled and it will keep it running.

When people ask me where is the best place to run Kubernetes, i always say LOCALHOST is the best.

This is because it simply does not matter anymore.
As a developer, I run Kubernetes on Kind, or Docker for Windows.
Enable it with a click of a button.
With a small YAML file, I can run my app as if it's running in the cloud.

No matter the cloud, the YAML - where you fundamentally define how Kubernetes should run your app - is the same, regardless if you're on AWS, Azure or Google cloud.

As a DevOps engineer it really helps having a bit of knowledge on what it takes to get a Kubernetes in each cloud provider. Each having their own niche, features and challenges.

For that, I have started a series called "Kubernetes in the Cloud"

We cover all the basics to be learnt about running Kubernetes in:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Digital Ocean
  • Linode

Check it out & Enjoy!

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