What should I write blog posts about?

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I've been given a writer account for the blogging platform of the startup Nhost.

Nhost is a hosted, GraphQL-based, Hasura-backed altermative to databases-as-a-service, like Google Firebase.

It's really new, and really awesome, and I think it would be cool to make some examples demonstrating what you can do with it, but I need project ideas!

Everything seems to have a 'todo app' example, but that doesn't always help people in the real world.

What are some simple projects I could make that would be useful to you, if you were going to get started with Nhost?

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"Todo" is just one for start. For example, simple chat application. Then a simple photo album app (upload photos, tag them, then search them, delete, update, CRUD).
For other ideas, you can take the firebase related instruction site I very much like: fireship.io/lessons/
Then this one, with firebase, being a more complex one -- a simple social media app: angular-templates.io/tutorials/abo...


They are great ideas! Thanks for the link too :)


Thanks for the idea Aravind! Do you have any examoles I could have a look at to get ideas? Which platform do you learn best from?

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