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The need for simpler code reviews

Code reviews are one of the best ways to ensure code quality.

A recent survey has found that 36% of the companies that do code reviews think it is the best way to improve code quality. Too often, however, they are understood as an individual task, instead of a team effort.

Here are five reasons that motivate the need for simpler code reviews.

  1. We aren’t teaching enough how to do code reviews. People are entering the market much faster than they are being promoted. Code reviews, by and large, are not taught at University.

  2. Code reviews are not being prioritised. When the code is being developed without an effective integration of the reviewing processes, it often gets done last minute.

  3. Code reviews are not an individual task. Most teams assign this responsibility of code reviews to either team leads or senior developers alone. This is unsustainable when there are the ration of junior to senior developers is increasing.

  4. Code reviews need to withstand staffing changes. Leads and senior developers leave. Sometimes they’re absent. If they are the ones doing code reviews, in these events we observe huge bottlenecks in code reviews.

  5. We need the right tools. A large number of teams are still doing manual code reviews or using tools that are time consuming and error prone.

If you want to read more, check out the full article on Reviewpad's blog.

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