One life - one career?

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In today's era of information and extremely fleeting lives, the change of profession is no longer strange to anyone. It also happened to me. After 15 years of office management career growth in different fields, I found something that can keep my attention for hours long, and I enjoy doing more than anything else - testing the software and coding. Can you imagine?
I was a little sad that I did not know about it before, but wait, maybe I did?
Back in college, I was the best student in my informatics class, and I loved informatics even though we worked with MS-DOS 6.22 OS without a mouse using keyboard commands and coursing buttons for navigation...Yes, that's how old I am :)
My college taught remembers me and, when sees by my mother, keeps asking if I succeeded as a programmer. I am just smiling instead of explaining how long it might take to go back to the institute to get my secondary education. I don't have that time credit anymore. I used it all when I was 18 when my parents fully hosted me and did not realize yet what I want to do in my life.
Luckily our World improved significantly.
I am so happy that today I can use the full benefit of today's education digitalization and get an excellent education from the best teachers and constant live practice without even leaving my house.
I am glad to see that companies are becoming more "talent-oriented" and launching different apprenticeship opportunities for people like me.
I am pleased to see professionals who made a fantastic career, becoming mentors, and helping those who are just starting it and always ready to share their career pathway.
After a whole year of self-educating and taking different training courses, boot camps, and internships, I am one hundred percent confident to announce that I am ready for a new project and will be happy to join the friendly team with whom I could learn and grow professionally.
I feel like a new journey is about to begin, and I am thrilled to share my steps and resources with folks in the same shoes as me.

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