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Storing Data in a Flutter App

This series of posts covers mobile app development with Google's Flutter. Flutter apps are written in Dart and can be compiled into Android, iOS, and web apps all using a single codebase.

The last post covers storing data in a Flutter app. I discuss storing data on the device and off of it. I show how to use some of Firebase's services (Cloud Firestore and Auth).

You will be asked to follow along with the programs below. Just click on the links and a code playback will load (you might want to open each one in a new tab). Then click on the comments on the left hand side of the screen or hit the play button to drive the development of the code. You can download the code at any point or copy/paste it. There are some controls in the top right hand side of the screen to make the text bigger or to switch to blog mode (which is good for small screens).

Storing data on the device

These playbacks show how to store data on the device using shared preferences, files, and SQLite databases.

Storing data off of the device

These playbacks show how to store data off of the device by using the http package and Google's Firebase products.

Comments and Feedback

You can find all of these code playbacks in my free 'book', Mobile App Development with Dart and Flutter. I am always looking for feedback so please feel free to comment here or to send me a message. You can follow me on twitter @markm208.

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Pablo Discobar

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