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Free vs Paid - Flutter Templates: Civil War

free and paid flutter templates
You are developing your own application? Have you estimated how much time and money you will spend on it?

 I know how much time it takes to develop a mobile app. The application development takes on average from 3 to 9 months. I know this from personal experience. The development stages include many steps: writing code, creating a design, testing bugs, editing, and finally testing the application itself. Every step costs time and money, which is why the cost of the application grows. 

Not all customers are ready to pay well for the work on the application. You can wait a long time for a client who will pay an impressive amount for the app, or you can continue to do your business. But in an easier way and get more money, because you will have more time to do it. That is why it's reasonable to use ready-made templates. So you can save your time and effort. 

Using ready-made templates, you make your task easier. In this article, I will compare free and paid flutter templates to make it easier for you to find the necessary one.


1. Login Templates

Flutter Login Kit template app - free

Did your mamma tell you what is no Free Flutter Template such as a free lunch? Take a look at this login template. She was clearly wrong!

This template will be a great start for a large application. You get three screens to log in to the app. Why is this important? Because this is the first thing that the user of your application will see. First impressions are always important. And what could be better than a good impression, so also for nothing?

Flutter Login & Registration UI KIT - 19 $

But, you can also pay attention to this template. It includes 12 different screens. Saves more than 100 hours of your work. And it only costs 19 bucks.

The extensions in this template allow you to integrate it into any device, with any operating system. And, what I think is most important, is the ability to quickly register through already existing accounts in Google Mail and Facebook. You know that all users like quick registration, don't you?

You pick what you want. But I advise you to look closely at this option.


2. E - commerce app

Free vs Paid

Flutter firebase shopping app - free

The year 2020 has shown how important it is to run your business online. E-commerce has moved to a new level in the last 10 years. Especially in the United States. And after the pandemic and in the realities of modern lockdowns, this is the only salvation for humanity. That is why the demand for such applications is growing and developing even now, when a lot of businesses are failing. E-commerce is no longer the future, but our present.

To make a difficult task become a simple solution, I suggest you take a look at this free Flutter template. In this kit, you will get 8 screens for your store. This template is so flexible that you can sell anything with it, from frying pans to clothes of outstanding brands. This template has a minimalistic design, in which there is nothing superfluous. You can use it to start your own application, modifying and supplementing it.

Airmart – Flutter Ecommerce Mobile template app - 149 $

But if you need the final product already, then I offer you the Airmart template. This set includes 42 screens, including the shopping cart, reviews, user profile, and delivery details. The template itself is made in the likeness of the well-known ASOS, but it's suitable not only for the sale of clothing and accessories. This template is also very flexible and  suitable for any type of e-commerce. 

This template also includes clean code with extracted flutter widgets and it’s ready to back end integrations. You can change the design to suit your needs and get the final result, by saving months of painstaking work on the development of such an application.

3. Another E - commerce app

Free vs Paid Flutter template

E-commerce App Flutter UI - free

Another option for an e-commerce app. A special feature of this template is that each product has its own background that shows the product in the most favorable position. There are only two screens in this template, but this is enough to make the developer's work easier.

Treva Shop template app - 39 $


And if you need a little more, then I offer you an impressive template. There are 28 screens here, multiple languages and item details. And I like that before buying, you can first look at the demo version to be completely sure that this template is worth it.


4. Movie app

Free vs Paid Flutter template

Flutter Movies App template app - free

 Streaming services have shaken the old idea of watching movies and TV shows. And now, when this area is intensively gaining momentum and there are more and more new ways to watch your favorite romcoms, it's time to launch your movie app. And now you can use one of these templates as a basis.

In the free template for you, there are two screens with an interesting design, simple animation, and the ability to change languages. It's not a whole app, but it's a great start, isn't it?

Movies Pro – Flutter App - 44 $

The paid Movies Pro app takes into account several other important details. Such as pages of information about movies and TV series, and a video player that allows you to watch any trailer you want.


5. Grocery app

Free vs Paid Flutter template

Fryo – Grocery Shopping App - free

Grocery stores have long migrated to the web. Instead of hauling heavy bags home, it's much easier to order a delivery. And also just don't create the app yourself from scratch, but use a template. 

This template has 6 screens that will make your task easier. The set includes delicious screens with products, login, registration and a simple intuitive interface. 

This template is good not only for Groceries, but also for delivery from cafes and restaurants, and even for a store.

Flutter Grocery  - 29 $

Such templates are so flexible to use that by customizing them, you can change the direction of the application, but leave all the functionality in place. This template has 40 screens that fit the format of any mobile device. The green color in the design is great for a Grocery app because it gives the products a fresher look. But if you still decide to make something else instead of Groceries, then we can easily change the color to any one you want.



6. Travel app

Free vs Paid Flutter template

Flutter Travel App Concept - free

This template is appropriate for any operating system, therefore, using this template is as easy as booking a hotel room. But we remind you that to work with Flutter templates, you need some knowledge in the field of programming.

This template includes 4 screens, the design is minimalistic and pleasant to the eye. This template is universal and suitable not only for booking hotels. To make this template a full-fledged application, you will have to work hard, but this is already a great start.

Flutter Hotel and Tour Template - 39 $

If you need a travel app, then I suggest you pay attention to this template. 45 detailed screens, built-in Google map, smooth animation and a lot of free time for you. All you have to do is customize the template and run the test. The quicker your app is ready, the faster you will make a profit.


7. Calculator app

Free vs Paid Flutter template

Flutter Tip Calculator - free

 We all go to restaurants with friends and then painfully calculate who owes whom and how much for the last piece of pizza. Not to mention a tip for the waiter. And if you're not good at math, it's just a nightmare of numbers and percentages. Here you have an app that would make the task easier. And it exists!

This template will perfectly handle this task and will make the lives of millions of users easier.

And if you integrate this template into a restaurant table booking app, it will definitely be like icing on the cake.

Love Calculator (Android + iOS) App - 15 $

But, if all material things are not important to you, and you are not afraid of being cheated by an unscrupulous waiter. Then especially for you there is a calculator for love. 

Millions of people are looking for their soulmate every day on the "love exchange", where everything is bought and sold at the speed of a bursting bubble. But with this template, you can become a real Cupid and give people hope for a profitable investment of life.

And as they say, if you are not lucky with finances, then you will be lucky in love.


By the way

I'm wondering, do you use templates in your work? Which of these did you like more free or paid? Write in the comments, let's discuss!

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elgaxton profile image

Thanks for sharing, how do I customize flutter templates? I mean how do I change the logo and the name of the app to reflect me? For example an app like Tagxi, where do I start from? I'm new to flutter and app development but I believe in Hands-on and I'm a fast learner as well. Thanks

devtronic profile image
Julian Finkler

Great post, thanks for sharing 🚀.

pablonax profile image
Pablo Discobar

Thank you!
Also full list free & paid templates 2021

nabbisen profile image

Really interesting. Thank you for the great posts on Flutter templates.
Of cource, I know templates of HTML or WordPress.
Well, Flutter ones. It seems difficult for me to keep up with the times...🤣

pablonax profile image
Pablo Discobar

Thank you!
Haha yes, the same approach as WP themes. No need to develop from scratch just download or buy flutter source code =)
By the way do you try coding on Flutter?

nabbisen profile image

Easy and useful😲
Yes, a bit. Just building a small Android app with Flutter 2. Dart is good.
Not yet on building a iOS app or a web app🤔

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Sudara Sachindana

Very interesting , good job and thanks for sharing such a good blog.

pablonax profile image
Pablo Discobar

Thank you! I worked hard for this! If you are interested in this topic, you can also look at my another article about Flutter templates. Here I have collected a little more templates. 
 I'm sure you'll find something useful there, too.

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Nice Information on Flutter templates. If you are interested to contribute your articles on my website please reach me