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  1. Dell Latitude series laptop, equipped with Ubuntu 14.04
  2. Editor - Atom (usually), VS code - when I have to work on multiple projects simultaneously.
  3. Terminal along with zsh.
  4. Trello for project management.
  5. for reviewing pull requests.
  6. Hipchat and slack for communication
  7. And how can I not tell about my headphones? Sony MDR-XB55AP! :D

...and much more I guess!

  • 2016 MacBook
  • VS Code
  • Terminal

Not sure what brand my external monitors are.

Not sure where to draw the line on software. Plenty of team/deployment stuff.


2014 MacBook Pro (@Work)
Mid 2011 MacMini (@Home) - pimped up with 16GB RAM and SSD, but starting to feel slow ...
any advices for home upgrade?

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