Crypto Currencies - What do you think about it?

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Lately, I came across this thesis survey:

Which made me think about:

  • What do you, as a developer and also non-developers, think about certain aspects of crypto currencies?
  • Have you even heard of it?
  • Do you think it's something that you will work on in your coming years?

Please let me know and definitely check out the survey to answer those questions made by AnnaRomeroSierr

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"Cryptocurrencies" is an oxymoron in my opinion. The more successful of them are basically Ponzi schemes which makes them as reliable as betting on horse racing, the others don't even have any real-world use.

Where - outside some Asian cities - can I pay with XEMs? If I can't pay my coffee with it, it is not a currency.


Cryptocurrencies are so volatile as to be worse than useless as a store of value. The volatility encourages hoarding ("I'm hanging on until it recovers/hits the next milestone") and discourages its use as a medium of exchange. The difficulty and unpredictability of transacting in cryptocurrencies have so far meant that its best-known uses have been either speculation or trafficking in illegal goods. And proof-of-work has wasted a staggering amount of electricity that could have been put to uncountable better uses. Fiat money has problems, but crypto has more.

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