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Don't do what I did and think it is a great idea to develop your own blogging platform. Seriously I spend so much time on it I have no time left to write the blog posts.


Oh, interesting! I wrote one using GatsbyJS and I love it! It's relatively recent though, so maybe it'll be hard to maintain


At two different times I rolled my own blog platform but only made it through 2-5 posts before the maintenance killed me. I suffered from wanting to build something so bad that I tried to do everything from scratch.

Recently, though, I set up my own site just using the Gatsby blog starter and its been a lot easier; I can actually spend my effort writing and cross posting.


I wrote mine years ago in C#/ASP.Net using a custom data layer and SQL Server, then I moved it to use Entity Framework, then I moved it to ASP.Net MVC, then I moved it to Azure, then I moved it to AWS, then I added better image support, then I added commenting, then I developed my own Captcha, then I added the Word Press API to make it Open Live Writer compatible, then I added the Blogger ATOM API, then I added jQuery, then I thought the web admin interface needed an over hall, then I wrote a web wysiwyg HTML editor, then I redesigned the look and feel using CSS, then I thought LESS would be good, then I made it Angular, then I thought SASS would be good, then I added a CDN, then I changed to React, and then I had kids.

Seriously the project is never ending.

Haha too funny, I have it so I can just write markdown in my text editor and then run a script that transpiles it to HTML and then deploys it!


Along the same lines, just do some theme shopping and find a serviceable theme that does what you mostly want to do.

I have revised and re-written Wordpress themes and plugins so often that my blog turned into a 5 year journey.


Thank you for pointing this out. I once had a WordPress blog but I'd spend the best part of my time searching for plugins and ways to improve the blog and neglect the most important thing which is to actually write the article. The reason I decided to just focus on Medium amd where everything is done for you and you just focus on writing your articles.


That's something I've been thinking about, and decided to go with WordPress for many obvious reasons, but mostly — it's your own platform

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