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My Journey To Full Stack Web Development From My Side Of The World Teaching Myself.

It's been a heck of a journey getting into the Web development Industry.
I'm Martins Ngene from Nigeria. I have come a long way on my journey to become a Full Stack Web Developer. I am going to share with you all what my journey have been like and hopefully we all learn something.

I have been unstable in my learning of Web Development. I started in 2018 but I took off seriously early this year. I have had a bunch of challenges but what some people call luck and I call Divine assistance has been present. From the issue of power supply shortage down to the unavailability of data this has all been a hinderance. My country is still a developing country and its Ecosystem isn't conducive for newbies in Tech or programming. Majority of the people trying to get into the tech industry In Nigeria are either hindered by the high cost of computers and other gadgets, Data unavailability or Power supply shortage.

Sometimes we do pray for help to come from distant lands. But I was Graced to have reached the point where I am now though I just started an Introductory course to computer science as at when I wrote this post but I am sure that against all odds I will achieve my goals someday.

I have acquired some skills such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Git, Netlify, SASS and I still look forward to get my hands dirty with a programming language soon while I practice what I have already learnt.

I am currently looking for any available way for me to get industrial experience and really get to learn more about coding and programming in general.

I lost My Dad in 2014 and My Mum in 2020. I really lost the chance of my parents sending me to college but I believe and I know I'll get a job from Web development and I will finally go to my school of choice and study computer science, even getting a better knowledge of programming.

I see a very bright future in the programming Ecosystem and I believe that someday I will learn enough to fulfill my dreams and also to reduce the stress for people who are interested in Programming by helping them in any possible way.

Since I started this journey, I have learnt to persist and not to give up. I have also learnt how important it is for you to be diligent and consistent in whatever I do.

Finally I say a 'Big Thanks' to the Piper behind the flute, to those who has supported me in any way, to Dev community for a Platform like this to share my story with all you wonderful readers and also to everyone reading this post.

I hope to update you all when I get to my destination.

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