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Integrate Best ECommerce Website Features To Boost Sales In 2021

Ecommerce is the most profit-generating business stream, which is luring almost every entrepreneur and business owner. E-retail sales contribute to 14.1% of total worldwide retail sales.

As Per Statista's research, this accumulation is expected to grow by 22% in 2023. Not just this, but it is also predicted that 95% of shopping will take place online by 2040.

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What do you think? What can be the reason behind such a great influx in eCommerce sales?

Why Are Ecommerce Solutions Booming In 2021?

Well! There are several aspects which are triggering people to make an online purchase. Though the most coveted is features of eCommerce websites .

Ecommerce website features are providing users the convenience and ease of shopping and amusement that is being cherished and admired by people all across the world.

Here are some reasons that depict why eCommerce businesses are booming:

  • Tailored shopping experience that automates purchasing.
  • Access To a wide range of products
  • Product wishlist to buy the product later
  • Online payment mode with offers, deals, and discounts
  • Convenient and user-friendly experience

All of this takes place due to the eCommerce website features. Developers are using dissimilar technologies to infuse incredible features into eCommerce websites.

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If you are pondering over creating an eCommerce application, you must be wondering what features can boost your customers' experience. While thinking about eCommerce website development, you must be wondering what features should be infused into eCommerce web solutions.

Don't fret over eCommerce features! Let's take a glimpse at some features your eCommerce website must-have. Or you may consult a professional eCommerce software development company for the detailed features.

Features Your Ecommerce Website Must Have In 2021

Features are USPs of eCommerce web solutions that always boost customer experience. Thus, if you are engaged in creating an eCommerce website development, here are some features of eCommerce your platform must have.

  • Content management capabilities
  • Promotion and discount code feature
  • Reporting features
  • Email marketing integration
  • Feature for dynamic Search engine optimization
  • Multiple payment options
  • Manage blog or articles section
  • Wish List & Shopping Cart
  • No Contact Delivery Option
  • Voice Search and Image Search Option

The enumerated list of features is a rough presentation of the eCommerce website features' category. Let's take an in-depth look into the features of eCommerce applications.

1. Content Management Capabilities:

Content management is the most significant tool of an eCommerce website that enables you to manage every single content available over your website.

From adding new products to enables searching and sorting content management feature allows you to hundreds of things that enable you to showcase products.

Here are some ways content management capabilities can enable seamless eCommerce website management:

  • Create new content pages, and manage them
  • Product image upload and crop image
  • Adding new products and fields, including product details, list price, weight stock, additional details, order amount, fee, and more.
  • Infuse and manage product images and set the availability of products.
  • Managing products in groups and embed videos and images related to the product.

These aspects can be managed through content management features on the eCommerce website. If you are aware of what eCommerce website development services entails, you must know that content management is critical.

2. Promotion And Discount Code Feature

Discounts and promotions are major features that are significant eCommerce website features that enable users to relish the most amusing aspect of online shopping. Thus, this feature is on the second top on our must have eCommerce website feature list.

The infrastructure of this feature is complex, and it is dedicated to count discounts on every product discretely depending on buyers' behavior. While some users cherished discount codes on shopping, some buyers love to shop at a pre-discounted price.

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Thus, infusing a robust promotion and discount mechanism is critical. Here are some aspects of these features that may help you understand the sole infrastructure.

  • Generate and manage discount codes
  • Infuse discount codes to products, brand, and other categories
  • Shipping and delivery discounts
  • Available codes both "active" and "inactive"
  • Automatic applying discount code
  • Discounts on product cart
  • Setting limits on discounts

To handle each of these aspects, you need a strong system that can help you do everything right.

3. Reporting Features

Reporting is critical when it comes to handling everyday sales and thousands of sales every day. It is critical to handle everyday sales affairs.

Reporting features enable the business to keep track of inventory, the number of products sold, and available products. Here are some aspects related to the reporting feature in eCommerce application:

  • Adding an Interactive administrative dashboard that depicts everyday sales data in the form of charts and statistics

  • The tool must enable admin to change dashboard statistics depending on several pointers to reflect specific date ranges

  • The dashboard must show a sales report, order volume, newly arrived customers, top-selling product & brands, per day average sales, mostly used discount code, etc.

  • The reporting tool must generate a report that should offer a complete insight into the total product in stock, sold product, total product categories, revenue, everyday customer count, etc.

  • The reports can be multiple or generated over one dashboard.

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Monitoring everyday sales, products, and customers enable you to gain valuable insights that boost product sales by tweaking marketing and promotion campaigns.

Such as more discounts on popular products can increase your sales tremendously or help to boost sales of products that people want to buy and skip due to the higher cost.

Reporting is a million-dollar features of eCommerce websites that can help you in many ways.

4. Automated Email Marketing Feature

Do you think eCommerce websites don't have an email marketing feature? It is your misconception.

Email marketing is a significant facility in eCommerce websites that enables businesses to engage with customers and potential shoppers by personalizing their shopping experience.

Using email marketing optimization in your eCommerce website, you can send emails to your customers about deals and discounts available over the products and brands. Altogether, email optimization is critical to send alerts about their order.

Haven't you received emails from Amazon about the date of your product delivery or coder confirmation? Thus, email optimization is a customer-centric feature that your website must have.

Here are some pointers that show up the significance of email optimization in the eCommerce website.

  • Send order status alerts to customers
  • Notify customers about available discounts and sales.
  • Send an alert to customers if he/she left items in the shopping cart.
  • Send thank you emails for product reviews and comment submissions.
  • Enable users to reset their password and manage account information.

I am assertive that now you would have understood why email marketing optimization is a critical eCommerce website feature. Thus, don’t skip subscribing email integration while adopting eCommerce website development services.

5. Feature For Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization enables your products to rank in customer searches. Thus, a feature for search engine optimization is essential.

However, there are search engine plugins that infuse SEO capabilities into eCommerce websites; altogether the platforms you are using for eCommerce website development also enable some SEO capabilities to the website.

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Here are some significant aspects of SEO feature integration:

  • Creating a dynamic title that includes product name
  • Configuring dynamic Meta tag and description for products, categories, and sub-categories.
  • Optimize meta for brand page and product page
  • Specific meta and title data
  • Configuring home page and Meta Tags
  • Setting up URL information, specific content pages, brand, category, etc.

All of these aspects help pages appear in customer searches and invite potential customers over the website.

6. Multiple Payment Options

The payment system in eCommerce websites infuses great convenience, as it enables customers to choose their payment mode.

Thus, eCommerce websites are being infused with a number of payment options such as Credit card, Debit Card, PayPal, and other online payment wallets, which enable customers to pay at ease.

Payment feature integration also includes a feature for cash on delivery that also boosts trust in new customers.

Moreover, you need to ensure that transactions on your eCommerce website are safe and abide by robust security measures.

7. Manage Blogs & Article On Website

Content is the king in online marketing practice that pushes up your website ranking on Google. Thus, many new eCommerce websites infuse blogs and articles to educate customers about shopping tricks and tactics.

However, it is now one of the mandatory features of eCommerce websites, but it helps website rank in searches. Thus, it can turn out traffic and sales-boosting traffic.

Blogs can gather relevant traffic on your website and boost your website conversion.

8. Shopping Cart & Wish List

Shopping cart is one of essential features of eCommerce websites, as it allows customers to see, add, and delete products in the shopping cart. Customers like to check the total billed amount and modify the shopping cart as per their convenience.

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Moreover, discount codes also amuse customers while making orders. It is evident from research that many customers abandon shopping carts due to dissimilar reasons such as price, no available discount. Another significant feature in the wish list that helps customers to see products that he/she liked in the past but didn't purchase.

Wish list shows all products that customer likes and discounts available over them. Moreover, this is the most loved feature of eCommerce websites that customers tend to use every time they visit the website.

So, your website must have a shopping cart and wish list to meet the expectation of customers.

9. Option For No Contact Delivery

After the arrival of COVID 19, people have become very cautious and prevented any unwanted contact. Thus, the option for no contact delivery is being used greatly by shoppers, and they appreciate this facility.

Having this feature on your eCommerce website, you can create trust among your customers by setting their safety as your primary priority.

10. Social Media Integration

Brands know the value of creating a relationship with customers. Thus, they strive to establish a connection with their customers over social media, especially after the coronavirus pandemic arrival.

Actually, the social connection feature of eCommerce websites enables you to establish a bong with the audience easily. Thus you must link your social media profiles to your website.

Engage customers over social media and direct them to your website by ensuring constant flow through "buy now" and "get this" on your product promotion posts.

11. Voice Search & Image Search

Another feature that has grown very popular in 2020 is AI-enabled voice search and image search. Since the number of voice assistance devices have increased, the trend is also capturing eCommerce.

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Now people are making more voice-enabled voice searches. Altogether, uploading an image to find similar products over an eCommerce platform are also impacting user experience.

" With voice and image search, a new era for online shopping has begun"

Thus, you must think about infusing AI, AR, and VR technology on your eCommerce website.

Bottom Lines

The enumerated features are greatly effective and can improve your sales by enabling you access to both national and global marketplace.

You must understand that eCommerce platform is a gateway to a revenue-generating marketplace that can provide wings to your retail business. Thus, you must focus on creating an impressive customer experience on your website.

To achieve this, eCommerce website features are a powerhouse that improve your platforms' potential to serve users' needs. Moreover, an ECommerce website development company can help you create a seamless digital experience for your customers.

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