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Mastering Nuxt
Mastering Nuxt

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Announcing the most advanced learning platform dedicated to Nuxt.js. is the biggest and most in-depth, fun, and realistic course ever made on building and deploying Nuxt apps is coming!

The course is coming this fall!

Register your interest for course updates and early bird access 👇

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ItsThatHexagonGuy • Edited

Been a big fan of NuxtJS for a long time now, I'd love to see a comparison to frameworks in the same space as Nuxt like Gatsby and Next, and when you should pick Nuxt over said frameworks.

Edit:There was also a delay of about 5~10 minutes, and I was under the impression it didn't work so I tried to subscribe again and it let me. I eventually got my email but it still lets me subscribe again. Might wanna check that out?