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"A" Phase Created by Nubank and Alura


Hey, folks, I'm back, and I'm here again to talk about the journey I've been through in the past couple of months; this is a journey with ups and downs. But fortunately, the ups are higher than the downs.

The journey started after I became accepted (8 thousand people applied for 120 slots) in the course of Alura/Nubank, since then I have been study a lot of things, and after 3 months, I came to the end of the "A" Phase. Right now, I am in the "B" Phase.

Well, I came up with the idea of writing about this period, about "A" Phase, about the things I learned, and my classmates learned too, and shared the knowledge I acquire after 3 months of hard work and dedication.

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History of the Project:

So this project is made by Alura, Cubos Academy and Nubank; the project is focus in the area of Salvador - BA, having more than 100 students divided in two class, I am in the back-end class (Node.js) and the other class is mobile developer (Flutter), also, is important to mention that is the first software developer class made by Nulab - SSA (SSA means Salvador). In six months, we are developing a program that credentials street vendors from Salvador, known as LAS. You can check the progress by going to the repository of the project at this link:

Now let's have some new information relating to "A" Phase and the projects we made through this odyssey:

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Pongbolim Game

This is the first task made and the objective of this is very simple, but also very important, probably, the most essential thing we have to acquired in all course, the objective is build our programming logic and start to understand the principles about this, my classmates and I created a game based in foosball (is called Pongbolim in Brazil and is very popular), we use a little of HTML, CSS and Javascript, here is the link of my game (pongbolim):

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Git and GitHub

After the initial activity, we started to a little taste of the real developer experience, we became to learn Git and how to work with it in conjunct with GitHub, and of course, how to manage branches, create, delete, push, pull and how to create simpler things in GitHub, like a repository, here is my GitHub profile:

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Here, we started to get all the things we learned and done together while learning new things, like: a little more of HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. To create a portfolio page for us or created one from the ground up and hosted the page on GitHub, also, created links that send the user to our GitHub profile, LinkedIn profile or the projects we have made until now. Here is my portfolio to illustrate:

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JavaScript and Weekly Project Challenges

Some weeks of developer and we start to go more deep in JavaScript, we started to really learned more about arrays and who to work with them, or in better words, who to do the best work with they and we began to have challenges that are about the LAS, challenges that required us to do some processes and verify those processes, creating the solutions for the challenger based in the things we learned before. Furthermore, we also started to really work with branches and started to create issues and request pull requests.

Then, after we went deeper into arrays, my classmates and I found a new cave; this cave has a lot of new things based on functions and objects. So, here we go again, study, learn, and develop solutions for the challenges using things we learned a week before, but, this is not as difficult as it looks, mostly because of the great union the class has. That allows us to share knowledge and work together in the seek of the challenger solution; then, in a blink of an eye, all of us have grown so much together.

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The last and the hardest one, Node.js, work with Node.js is awesome but also very challenging, is can be easy, but if you want you have a security code, with few bugs, developer it not gonna be so easy, developer goods tests that really test your functions, understand what mock and jest do, why testing is so important, and ways to make your application easy to maintain and update by adding new features (with good testing, this is not gonna be a problem or a hard thing to achieve), all of those elements make this step, of course, the hardest as well as the coolest stage of the course so far.


I really hope all of you like this little article about some things learned in this journey, and besides the hard skills, the good coding practices and a lot of other things, my classmates and I also learned an amount of important knowledge in soft skills, all of this, have for a huge improvement, not technical only, but social also. This, of course, would not be possible without the great teachers I have and the support from my family, friends and of course, all my classmates. I look forward to becoming even better in the next 3 months of course.

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