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Mathieu Lory
Mathieu Lory

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Data Annotation and labellisation on t6 IoT framework

Data classification and annotation is a new implemented module on the t6 Api. This new process provides annotation on any datapoints and/or range of datapoints with ease. Annotation on t6 is the process of classifying datapoints — with a customizable category.

The following 2 modes are available:

  • Hand labeling for a strong and accurate supervision;
  • Programmatic labeling for a weak supervision. This automatic process is using the t6 Rules, and so, it can combine multiple criteria before annotating to the correct category.

Categories for labeling

Labellisation on t6 implement custom categories (tags). t6 Users can customize several categories on their account.

e.g.: Say that you are measuring a speed (m/s) on a specific t6 Flow; on each datapoints added, a t6 rule can trigger an annotation (using categories “slow”, “fast”) and using the speed as criteria and that can label that datapoint.

This process using Rules is weak as it involve a programmatic pattern to identify the category.

An alternative process — hand-annotation can be used in parallel to associate categories to datapoints. This association can use a single datapoint or a range of dates.

Why are we using labellisation on t6 ? A smooth startpoint to progress on the data-first approach.

Labellisation is the initial step to craft AI on t6 platform. As Data is centric on t6, the team expect this new feature to become a real north star and bring new opportunities to the users.

Api documentation — further reading:

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