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Matheus Elyasha
Matheus Elyasha

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The best websites to learn Python in 2020

We all know that Python is one of the best programming languages out there and that it is considered to be a very good language for beginners and senior developers.
We are going to talk about the best websites to take a look if you are considering learning Python in 2020.

  1. Hyperskill (JetBrains Academy)
    JetBrains is creating an e-learning platform for students to learn how to code. It is called and it has a very solid map of topics that any Python developer need to learn.
    It is of course, one of the best solutions to learn how to code using Python because, all the content is up to date with the newer versions of Python. We all know that it is really horrible to go look for some Python content and see people talking about Python
    2, that is finally “dead”. (No more prints without parentheses)
    I, myself, loved to do some projects in the platform. JetBrains has a very nice content and the way that they teach Python is very interesting because you get to learn by projects and then you can share your progress at GitHub, or other platforms.

  2. Codecademy
    I love to code at, they have a beautiful website, with good courses, and they teach with good code style. The Python 3 course is paid, but it is worth it, because you get to learn a lot of concepts (from the basic ones to the more advanced).
    By the end of the course, you can even get a certification for the course completion.

  3. The good old Python documentation
    When talking about any technology, we need to go to the source, and in this case, we are talking about the official Python website.
    Go to to read more about Python, download your installers, and do not forget to check the documentation.
    Just reading, you can become a Python guru.

  4. The Python Package Index (PyPI)
    You can of course learn by seeing what others have done. And to find any Python package available you can go to
    I am used to checking if there is any code available for my own projects and check to see how good modules or packages are being written.

  5. Stepik
    If you like very interesting puzzles with good solutions, then you need to check
    I go there sometimes and I find very interesting problems to solve, in this way, I can tell you guys that this is one of the best websites for Python in 2020.

Happy coding!

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