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I launched my side project on Reddit. Now what?

This is a follow-up post to

Overcoming My Fear of Reddit

Thanks to the feedback from my previous post, I posted my side project to Reddit only after a week and a half of postponing it. Immediately I got a few comments so replied to them but it was late and I went to bed. 10 hours later I woke up to this:

Alt Text
Link to the post

The Good

Many people in the sub seem interested. There are even people asking if the project is open source (it isn't) so they can contribute.

The Bad

  • There are two major issues with the current release and a lot of people are unsatisfied with the same issue. I would need to address these issues asap.
  • I shot my toe somewhat when I released this for free. I may have attracted primarily an audience that expects free stuff. These people may also be more tolerant if the app has some bugs right now which might be bad if I'm not pressed to fix key issues once people have to pay for it.


  1. How do I follow up? If I fixed the bugs in the app and update the release, do I update my original post and reply to the comments or do I make a new post?
  2. I don't know if or how to monetize it right now. Should I ignore the comments of people asking if this is open source?
  3. Do I need to build an audience off Reddit? I have an obscure discord link on my website for people with questions, but I'm concerned with how I can communicate to people about future updates of the app.

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Tom Smykowski

Nice job!

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Mathew Chan

Thank you!