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Matija Krajnik
Matija Krajnik

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Web app development guide using Golang, Gin and React

This guide will show you how to build full stack Web App from scratch using Go programming language, with Gin and React frameworks.

Go (or sometimes called GoLang) is an open source programming language developed by Google. More info, as well as download link can be found on official web page.

Gin is lightweight but high-performance web framework with support for most essential features and functionalities required for modern web applications. Check Gin GitHub for more information, documentation and installation guide.

React is JavaScript framework developed by Facebook. It's one of the most commonly used solutions today for writing frontend part of Web Apps. Additional information can be found here.

Bootstrap is the most popular CSS framework and we will use it to add styles to our React components. You can learn more about Bootstrap on their official webpage.

PostgreSQL is a database we will be using for storage. You can check their home page to find out more.

So now that we listed all we need, let's start with building our Web App.

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