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World Creator 2

A while ago i've created a JS package that creates some random information about a world, it was called WC or World Creator. Well, while this can sound pretty interesting, there isn't so much about the generator, it's just random information being mixed to produce a JSON/Object with a bunch of data so you can format it to a user-friendly interface, but it wasn't so amazing as it sounds like, so i decided to recreate it. This is World Creator 2.

World Creator Overview

So, how is it going to be made?

While WC was created as a single class that you instantiate and get the information by reading it, WC2 is planned to be made with modules, so different events can happen in different threads, this way the code can run free without barriers and step-by-step instructions that limits the creation process.

That's cool! But... what's new though?

I don't know yet. Yes. I don't know, because the development is only starting up and i will have new ideas as the project evolves into something more solid.

Why are you posting it?

I want to document my journey through the development of this project, just like i did with Planet Sandbox, but this time i will post a new article at every update i commit to the repository. So yeah, that's it.

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