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Pushing an Existing Node App to Azure

If you have code that is working on your local machine, and you want to deploy it to Azure, and you have a DevOps account configured, here is how.

  • If you were previously deploying somewhere else (like Heroku), delete the .git directory (there is probably a more elegant way to reset git, but delete works)
  • Configure git in the directory
git init
git add .
git commit -m "initial commit"
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  • In Azure DevOps, create a new project
  • Navigate to Repos. You will see an option to push an existing repository from command line. Grab that code
git remote add origin
git push -u origin --all
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  • in the Azure Portal, you want to create a "Web App + PostgreSQL" instead of creating the web app and database separately, and having to stitch the networking and permissions and port configurations together. This is goofily hard to find, so try
  • I tried using pipelines, but that was not successful, so I just used the VS Code Azure Extension to deploy directly (explained here)
  • Visit the Overview tab in the Azure portal, click on the URL, and your app should be alive.
  • If you use Sequelize, adjust your local database settings to point to the Azur PostgreSQL server, and run:
sequelize db:migrate
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Next steps:

  • Figure out how to fire off sequelize from Azure (instead of having to update from the local application)
  • Figure out how to use Azure Pipelines. I was able to get the Azure Pipelines set up to run upon code upload, but something was not working. If anybody has a blog post talking about configuring Azure pipelines for node (that is current), please share it.



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