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Real time Javascript Object GUI Editor

Object GUI

This is the editor that will be used in the upcoming tsParticles options editor.

With this library you'll easily create a realtime javascript objects editor.

This editor supports themes too (for now 'dark', 'light', 'red', 'blue', 'green').

If you want to contribute to this project feel free to join.

You can try it yourself, it's available on npm too

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Object GUI - Javascript Object GUI Editor

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Object GUI - Javascript Object Editor

Object GUI is your fully customizable Javascript Object GUI Editor

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You can see a working sample here:


HTML / Vanilla JS

You need to include these files:



ES 6 Imports

import { Editor } from "object-gui";
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CommonJS / Node.js

const Editor = require("object-gui");
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const code = document.getElementById("code");
const data = {
  prop1: "pluto",
  prop2: 3,
  group1: {
    prop1: "paperino",
    prop2: 0.3,
  color1: "#ff0000",
  select1: "Item 2",
  alert: function () {
    alert(JSON.stringify(data, null, 4));

const editor = new Editor
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Checkout this CodePen sample

Do you want to see it in action in a big object?

Checkout the tsParticles editor

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