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Top 15 Outsourcing Software Firms/Software Development Companies in USA for | 2020

If you are in USA and if you look around then you will find that there are so many IT companies in USA in software development which are growing quite rapidly. For example, look at the top IT companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, IBM, Facebook – all of these are based in US although they may have additional development centers in India or elsewhere too.

In US, thousands of such big or small software development companies are based. Hence, if you are running a business and looking to hire best software developers in USA then you can do the searching process and easily find a suitable company in US nearby to your place which provides expert software developers. Else you can also outsource your work to some reputed software development company in India as India is the best place from where you can easily hire quality software developers at the fraction of the cost.

Now let’s suppose you are in US and you have decided to hire a software development company to build a software for your business. But when you will look around you will find that there are too many companies out there. Then how will you decide which company is good and best fit for you?

You can go through this article as it can be handy for you as in this regard as here we are going to present before you a list of software development companies in USA which are the best. This list will be highly useful for you especially if you are a Startup or SME.

Parameters to Select Best Software Development Company

While creating this list of best software development companies in USA, we have done thorough research and analysis about these firms based on the below parameters:

  • Past Work Experience
  • Transparency
  • Full Money Back Guarantee
  • Technical Expertise
  • Team Strength
  • Strictly NDA Agreement
  • Data Security & Privacy and more…

Other than this, we have also considered reviews from various evaluating firms like Glassdoor, Clutch, Goodfirms which provide ratings and client feedbacks.

Let’s now take a look at the list of Top Software development companies in USA for SME’s & Startups in 2020.

Top 15 Software Development Companies in USA in 2020:

1. Xicom Technologies (Providing best outsourcing software services in USA)

Pricing- $25-49/Hr
Location- USA, India, UAE
Employees- 300+
Founded- 2002

Xicom was founded way back in 2002 and it is an ISO 9001:2010 certified software development company which specializes in the development of various kinds of software and solutions. This company is the top choice among numerous reviews available on internet and it has gained the reputation of one of the most reliable software development company in its past 17 years of operation.

When you check its website, you will find that it has collected numerous case studies on how it assisted its top clients with automated software solutions, incredible mobile apps, ERP & CRM solutions, B2B & B2C web portals and other software based on emerging technologies like AI/ML, Blockchain, AR/VR, IoT, Big Data and Cloud computing. They provide top quality software development, web and mobile app development services, Xicom has a dedicated team of over 300 Software developers and designers who are highly skilled, experienced and focused on developing most reliable, user friendly, interactive and high performing software solutions. Till now it has served over 1500 clients from across the world and has completed over 7500 software projects.


Software development (Java, .NET), Website design & development, Ecommerce development, UI/UX Designing, PHP development, ASP.NET development, Open Source development, Website testing, Mobile app development, Development based on emerging technologies like AI, IoT, AR/VR, Blockchain, Cloud computing, Big Data.

2. Oxagile (best software development company USA)

Pricing- $80-99/Hr
Location- USA, UK, Belarus
Employees- 250-499
Founded- 2005

Oxagile is a reputed full cycle software development company and systems integrator specialized in utilizing technology and software solutions to drive efficiency, build scale and facilitate ease of use. This company was founded in 2005 and since then it is known as a next-gen solutions partner ideally positioned to provide top notch software services for its international clients.

For the past 14 years, this company has been applying the cutting edge technologies to bring digital transformation at so many SMEs and global corporations across all major platforms, tech stacks and business verticals.

This company has a proactive R&D team which is highly passionate about researching and evaluating emerging technologies. Therefore, this company is always at the forefront of technologies and helping its clients by developing cutting edge software solutions. Therefore, this company is rated as the best software development company in USA by the experts. Some of its top clients are Google, Vodafone, Discovery, Cardiff University,


Custom software development, Mobile application development, Web application development, Software testing and QA, Dedicated development teams, QA automation service

3. ScienceSoft (one of the top custom software development companies in USA)

Pricing- $75-89/Hr
Location- USA, Finland
Employees- 250-999
Founded- 1989

ScienceSoft is a leading software development company based in Texas, USA and it comes on top in the best software development companies list in USA. It has over 30 years of experience in providing software development and IT consulting services to the world-wide market.

ScienceSoft’s clients are well-known and prominent companies like IBM, eBay, Robert Half, Viber, PerkinElmer and others. This company has been constantly providing excellent quality services to its clients in banking, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunication, entertainment and other industries and sectors for over 3 decades.

ScienceSoft has over 550 specialists, who offer all kinds of expert software development services.

This company has created not only strict and highly detailed project plans but also most vague and peculiar ones. Due to its immense experience, ScienceSoft has developed a seamless process management system that allows 100% realization of high quality projects within deadline and budget limits.


Custom software development services, Mobile application development services, Web application development services, Software testing & QA services, Software development outsourcing, IT consulting services, CRM & Loyalty, Managed IT services, Information security, Image analysis, IT service management

4. itransition (Among best software development services in USA)

Pricing- $70-99/Hr
Location- USA, UK, Poland, Belarus
Employees- 2000+
Founded- 1998

Itransition is a reputed global software development company with more than 20 years of professional experience. It delivers a full spectrum of software development and IT consulting services to clients from more than 30 countries across the globe ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500 enterprises.

Itransition has been recognized among the world’s best outsourcing providers by several reports and surveys like The Global Outsourcing 100 by IOAP (since 2009), The Software 500 by Software Magazine (since 2008), Inc 5000 (since 2015), and Deloitte Fast Tech (since 2015).

This company has a resource pool of over 2000 talented IT professionals with strong technology skills and business knowledge. They follow mature methodologies and cost-efficient delivery models which enables it to effectively handle software projects of any scale and complexity. Due to these benefits, this company is regarded as the best custom software development company in USA by the industry experts.


Custom Software Development, Software Product Development, Enterprise Application Integration, Technology Consulting, Enterprise Systems Development, Software Testing, Maintenance and Support, Dedicated Development Center

5. EPAM Systems (one of the top custom software development services in USA)

Pricing- $75-100/Hr
Location- USA, Europe, India, China, Australia
Employees- 30,100+
Founded- 1993

EPAM Systems Inc. was founded in 1993 to be a full-fledged software development company. Since then it has leveraged its software engineering expertise to become one of the leading global product development, digital platform engineering and top digital and product design company. Now it is considered the best software development company USA.

It says that it has ‘Innovative Engineering DNA’ and along with its amazing strategy consulting and design capabilities, it works in collaboration with its valuable clients to deliver next-gen solutions that are capable to turn complex business challenges into real business outcomes and ultimately make the businesses successful.

EPAM has global teams all over the world and they serve customers from over 25 countries including North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

EPAM is a market leader in multiple categories among top global independent research companies and it was one of the only four technology companies to appear on Forbes 25 Fastest Growing Public Tech Companies list every year since 2013.


Software & Platform Engineering, Agility, Product Development, IoT, Next-Gen Architecture, Application & Cloud Management, Big Data & Analytics, Consulting Services, Digital Engagement, Mobility, Strategy & Experience

6. iTechArt (top software development company in USA)

Pricing- $49-99/Hr
Location- USA, UK, Belarus
Employees- 1400+
Founded- 2002

iTechArt is a premier, one-stop custom software development company with a talent pool of over 1400 experienced software engineers. This company provides dedicated teams packed with senior level engineers and executives to help VC-backed startups and fast growing tech companies build successful, scalable products that users love.

Their strong point is its agile dedicated team of brilliant minds who are specialists in web, mobile, Big Data, QA & Testing and DevOps.

The startup clients for this company come from top accelerators like Techstars, 500 Startups, ERA, Dreamit and YCombinator. They also power mid-sized and large enterprises, such as Forex, etouches and Blackboard, who seek to extend their in-house development teams.

This company is building a dream team of expert developers who can easily embrace the client’s mindset, understand quickly their requirements, move fast, think creatively and stick to the values and foundations of the company.

Instead of just coding, its experts go to the very core of your business and unlock the true power behind your software and provide you with maximum benefits. These are the reasons why it is among the best software development companies list in USA.


Custom software development, Dedicated teams, Web development, Mobile development, Enterprise solutions, QA and Testing

7. GlobalLogic (One of the best software development firms in USA)

Pricing- $50-150/Hr
Location- USA, India, Israel, Canada, Europe
Employees- 10,000+
Founded- 2000

GlobalLogic is a full-lifecycle product development company that combines chip-to-cloud software engineering expertise and vertical industry experience to help your customers design, build and deliver, complex engineering to produce superior business outcomes for worldwide brands. This company follows Agile development methodologies to bring high level of quality to its software development services.

GlobalLogic is headquartered in San Jose, CA, US and has numerous other offices all over the world. It has served thousands of customers from diverse sectors like healthcare, telecom, manufacturing, automotive, technology, media & entertainment and semiconductor industries.

For the last 19 years of its operation, this company has partnered with businesses across all major industries and produced some of the amazing software products carrying huge potential to become successful in the market. Hence it is rated as the best custom software development company in USA.


Full-Lifecycle Product Development Services, User Experience Design, Product Design, Content Engineering, Product Research & Ideation, Sustaining Engineering, Product Engineering, Product Testing & Quality Assurance, Product Re-platforming

8. OpenXcell (among the top software development companies in USA)

Pricing- $50-100/Hr
Location- USA, India
Employees- 300+
Founded- 2008

OpenXcell is one of the top custom software development companies in USA having certified with CMMI Level 3 certification. For the last 11 years it has been enthusiastically delivering amazing software products for its clients worldwide. Due to its extensive experience, friendly corporate culture, cost efficiency and modern infrastructure, this company has managed to satisfy over 800 clients globally and established a reliable reputation for itself.

Other than software development, this company also works on mobile app development, real time systems, chatbots and IoT. OpenXcell also has a mastery in crafting SaaS based software products. It has also assisted several businesses by developing Ecommerce portals, digital marketplaces, social media and real-time business analytics & APIs integrations.

Some of its clients are Google, Motorola, Unilever, Conagra and Pedigree. Due to its excellent services, this company won the title of Best Software Development company in 2012, by GESIA. OpenXcell definitely deserves its place among top software development companies in USA.


Custom Software development, UI/UX Designing, Web & Ecommerce development, Blockchain development services, Mobile app development services, IoT development, Testing & QA services, Chat bots, Managed cloud

9. Consagous Technologies (one of the best custom software development firms in USA)

Pricing- $25-49/Hr
Location- USA, India, Australia
Employees- 50-249
Founded- 2008

Consagous is an award winning software, web and mobile app development company based in Texas, USA and having other offices in India and Australia. This company was founded in 2008 and since then it has been delivering efficient and simple software solutions across various domains including banking, education, healthcare, logistics and more. Great thing is that the customer retention rate of this company stands at a whopping 99% for its customers from the USA.

Consagous is a technology consulting company having expertise in advanced business intelligence, AI, Big Data & Blockchain development. Consagous follows Agile work practices while developing software solutions, mobile apps and web solutions across broad range of technologies including iOS/iPhone, Android, Node.js, Angular JS, Kotlin, Flutter, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Oracle, LAMP, WordPress, Magento and more.That’s why this company is among the best software development services in USA.


Software development Services, Mobile application development, Microsoft application development (.NET, DotNetNuke), Open Source Development for PHP development (Symphony, Zend, Cake PHP), QA & Testing.

10. CodeBright (hire best custom software developers in USA)

Pricing- $49-99/Hr
Location- USA
Employees- 50-249
Founded- 2015

CodeBright was started in 2015 as a web development company. As the demand for quality software development grew – CodeBright expanded to meet this demand and also expanded the service offerings. Today the highly skilled and expert team of developers at CodeBright is responsible for providing high quality and wide range of software development services including web and mobile app development (including CRM, ERP), AI, Big Data (machine learning, deep learning) and caters to Enterprises, Startups and even NGOs around the world.

CodeBright is constantly working to improve the world using technology. This company has worked in startups, small/large enterprises as well as other organizations to bring MVPs to the market, improve and streamline business processes, enhance efficiency and productivity and reduce overall costs.

This is an award winning company and is fully capable of handling all kinds of complex software development projects that require integration with other systems like CRMs and ERPS, analyses of large amount of data and the use of AI and other emerging technologies to solve difficult business problems. That’s why now this is regarded as a company which provides top custom software development services in USA.


Web Application Development (PHP-Laravel framework, Python-Django framework), Mobile App Design & Development (iOS- Swift, Android- Java/Kotlin as well as ReactNative), AI (chat bot development), Data Analytics (Big data, machine learning, deep learning), Software Reengineering, Ecommerce Development, Startup and Enterprise Solutions, Cloud Deployment & Maintenance, Quality Assurance & Testing, Dedicated development teams

11. Clavax (One of the best US based IT software companies)

Pricing- $90-99/Hr
Location- USA
Employees- 200+
Founded- 2011

Clavax is a reputed software, web and mobile app development company headquartered in San Jose, California. This company provides top-notch services which are backed by a strong team of over 200 highly skilled IT professionals who deliver highly innovative, reliable, secure and scalable IT solutions to its worldwide clients.

This company works by becoming like a technology partner by quickly understanding the clients’ business challenges and applying the latest engineering technologies in order to deliver highly innovative and amazing IT solutions. This company empower its clients in finding great concepts behinds everyday ideas, making it one of the most forward-thinking innovative company around the world.

They follow an international process delivery model to make sure that all its projects meet their timelines and budget. The software it develops reduce costs, enhance productivity and operational agility and help its clients succeed in the market. Due to these benefits, now this is the top software development company USA.


Software development, Mobile Development, Web Development, Enterprise Content Management System, Big Data & Analytics, Chatbot Solutions, Blockchain Development Services, Open Source development, Quality Assurance.

12. Fingent (Among the best software development companies in USA)

Pricing- $90-99/Hr
Location- USA, Australia
Employees- 250-999
Founded- 2003

Fingent is a global leader in custom software development and technology consulting and is considered one of the best software development firms in USA. This company is expert in solving complex business challenges through enterprise web and mobile solutions.

This company was founded in 2003 and since then it has pioneered custom solutions that have assisted its clients to achieve business success. Its vast technology and industry expertise enables it to partner with clients to deliver highly complex solutions rapidly and within budget limits.

This company is headquartered in New York, USA with some more offices across the world. It has an expert team of over 300 IT professionals. They have been a trusted technology advisor to more than 150 businesses which include startups, SMB’s and also Fortune 500 companies. This company develops next-generation software, web and mobile platforms.


Enterprise Software development, Web application development, Mobile application development, Product development (SaaS based)

13. Sunflower Lab (one of the top software development companies in USA)

Pricing- $80-99/Hr
Location- USA
Employees- 75+
Founded- 2010

The Sunflower Lab was founded in 2010 in New Jersey, USA with the aim to make a significant impact on the world with their advanced software and technology. Soon Forbes Magazine hired them as their first client to build their first iPad application called Forbes Top 100.

Today, Sunflower Lab houses over 75 software engineers and technocrats across the globe who are working sincerely to help its clients solve their complex business and technology problems across mobile, web & IoT through the solutions they are developing and delivering.

This company invests heavily in technology training, and building emerging technology concepts. They do so not because these are catchy and attractive but as their team deeply believes that these new technologies are going to totally revolutionize the way we used to do so many things earlier and they will create a huge impact on the world which is becoming highly dependent on software and technologies nowadays.


Custom Software Development, Web App Development, Mobile App Development, IOT App Development, Wearable App Development, Alexa Echo App Development, AR/VR App Development, Strategic IT Consulting

14. Iflexion (providing best software development services USA)

Pricing- $65-80/Hr
Location- USA, UK
Employees- 850+
Founded- 1999

Iflexion was started in 1999 and since then it has been delivering high quality software development solutions and related IT services to its clients worldwide. This company combines proven methodologies, business domain knowledge and technology expertise of over 850 skilled software professionals to deliver high quality software solutions. You can contact this company if you want to hire best software developers in USA.

Till now this company has served over 500 customers from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. It has also helped so many companies across various industries to optimize their business processes through custom software solutions.

This company says that its successful projects are the result of its profound expertise in full-cycle custom software development, business commitment and trusted communication with its customers and partners.

This company has put efforts into bringing the latest technologies like blockchain, AI, AR/VR and others to its customer’ business environment to make their digital operations flawless and more accurate. Some of its key clients are Google, Cisco, Ebay, Phillips, Pepsi, Adidas, Toyota, WHO, Shell, Canon to name a few.


Enterprise Software Development, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Application Integration, Application Security, QA and Testing, Maintenance and Support, Dedicated Teams, Development based on AI, Computer Vision, Big Data, Ecommerce, E-learning and more.

15. Simform (top software development company in USA)

Pricing- $55-80/Hr
Location- USA
Employees- 50-249
Founded- 2010

Simform is a famous tech company which was founded in 2010 with a mission to help successful businesses get technology advantage and benefits. This company has helped so many organizations ranging from Startups to Fortune 500 companies and also WHO backed NGOs.

Simform helps companies become innovation leaders by delivering them quality and cutting edge software solutions. This company can help you in your digital transformation by letting you choose the right technologies to invest in, decide on the best architecture and processes to follow and also in making sure the successful delivery of their software projects.

This company can work as your development stack and as you run your business, it can take care of all of your development needs. Hence you can hire expert software developers from this company to work on your projects and you just need to concentrate on your core business. Experts always include this company in the list of software development companies in USA which are considered the best.


We have just discussed about of the top 15 software development companies in USA for SME’s and startups in 2020. USA is home to most of the large technology companies and it provides a conducive environment for the startup Software development companies to incubate and flourish here easily. It also has the right mix of all kinds of businesses from all sectors which are in demand of customized software along with the large pool of software developers who can be hired easily by software development companies.

Other good option is you can also hire any offshore software development company in India as India is regarded as the top choice for offshore software development due to the easy availability of high quality software developers there. These companies provide high quality services at affordable rates.

The vital thing is that if you are running a business then you should develop custom software to automate it as soon as possible and the above list of top IT companies in US will definitely help you in finding the most suitable company of your choice so that you can build your software quickly and get a definite business advantage in the market.

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