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Milestones / Reflecting things

Sometimes it is quite nice to reflect on what you have already achieved in life. Here, I only focus on tech things that I've learned since I started software development 20 years ago.

There were also some technologies or programming languages which I started to learn but abandoned at some point. I marked them with this emoji: 🏚.

20 years ago
  • QBasic 🏚
  • I found a QBasic IDE on some computer games magazine's disk. I was immediately caught and wanted to learn more about programming. I started by printing out source code and read it. A few weeks later I started by coding a simple quiz application.
19 years ago
  • Visual Basic 6 🏚
  • As my parents realized that I really like computer programming, they bought me a book like Visual Basic for Kids. I spent every minute learning Visual Basic. Eventually, I wrote an application that split large files into smaller chunks (floppy disk were still a thing in 2000), which was featured in a computer magazine 🥳
17 years ago
  • Blitz BASIC, HTML and CSS
  • Because I already was familiar with the BASIC dialect, I looked for a way to write computer games, so I discovered Blitz BASIC. It was easy for me to write simple 2d graphic games. A benefit of learning Blitz BASIC was, that there was a very active and helpful community in Germany.
15 years ago
  • PHP, MySQL and JavaScript 🏚
  • I launched my first website fifteen years ago (a platform where anyone could upload replays of Pro Evolution Soccer 3)
14 years ago
  • Linux and server administration
  • I ordered my first virtual server to install a Counter-Strike game server and an IRC bouncer.
13 years ago
  • Network administration, Active Directory
  • I began an apprenticeship as IT administrator in late 2006. No coding was involved, I didn't really like that job, but it taught me many computer science basic which are still helpful.
10 years ago
  • Java, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, C++, C#, Assembler
  • Sounds like I learned a lot in this year. I started studying computer science after I finished my apprenticeship. It was very practical and I learned many programming languages and database systems.
7 years ago
  • Java, Java EE, Spring Framework, Apache Tomcat, JBoss
  • I landed my first job as software engineer in 2012 🥳. Everything I learned so far was nice and came helpful, but when you start working, you realize that you know nothing.
6 years ago
  • AngularJS 🏚, jQuery 🏚, REST APIs
  • Only backend coding make me go crazy. I wanted to learn some technologies where I actually was able to show what I've done. I started learning AngularJS with an online course from CodeSchool.
5 years ago
  • Node.js, Docker 🐳
  • My first contact with DevOps technologies, more precisely Docker.
4 years ago
  • Jenkins, REST APIs, Swift 🏚, Android 🏚
  • I started working for a new company where I developed the backend system for a mobile application. Because I wanted to have some basic knowledge of the apps, I started to learn Swift and Android.
3 years ago
  • Docker 🐳
  • Docker again, but this time a little more specific.
2 years ago
  • TypeScript, Angular
  • I have again changed to a new employer.
  • This time I learned TypeScript and because I am doing more full stack work, I also had to learn Angular.
1 year ago
  • Kubernetes, React
  • When Docker Cloud was shut down last year, we were looking for a new way to host our services, we decided to go with Kubernetes. I don't regret this choice so far.
  • I also did some more front end development, React ⚛️ has replaced Angular a bit.
0.5 years ago
  • GatsbyJS ❤️, Headless CMS, JAMstack
  • I built some websites for friends and local businesses. In my opinion static site generators and headless content management systems are the state-of-the-art nowadays.

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Matthias 🤖 • Edited

When I was writing this article, I realized that the time when I was learning QBasic and Visual Basic 6 was the best part. There were so many new things to discover and as a 13-year-old boy, I did not care about things like am I using the right pattern / tool for this job, how can I monetize this application, what will other think about my software or what could happen if I am doing a mistake?

Nowadays you spend so much time on thinking what could go wrong and what others think, that you easily lose focus on your own goals and on what you tried to accomplish when you started.

Sometimes I wish things were as easy as twenty years ago 😅

This is where my journey started ❤️: