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Matthias 🤖
Matthias 🤖

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Websites I frequently use

Daily news 📰:
    This website. No further information needed 😍

  • Twitter
    I use Twitter to stay up to date. I really like the new Twitter design, which also offers me the explore feature that you might already know from the app. If you like to, you can also follow me on Twitter (@fullstack_to) 😉.

    In my job, my focus is not on writing CSS or doing web design. But I am very interested in this topic. CSS-Tricks has some great articles and solutions for most of my (CSS) problems.

Cheat sheets 📋:
  • Array explorer
    There are many things you can do with an array in JavaScript. Too many to remember all of them. The Array explorer let you choose what you want to achieve and provides code examples and documentation for your selected function.

  • Object explorer
    Similar to the Array explorer but for JavaScript objects.

  • CSS-Grid generator
    As mentioned above, I don't do CSS frequently. To create perfect CSS grids, the CSS-Grid generator is quite handy.

    You don't actually need to use the website, because you can use curl to query cheat sheets from (e.g. curl on your command line.

  • Git and Git Flow Cheat Sheet
    The basic Git commands (like git add, git commit, git checkout or git merge) are already manifested in my brain. But there are many more commands I cannot remember and therefore I use the Git and Git Flow Cheat Sheet.

Tools 🧰:
  • Regex 101
    For me personally, regular expressions are hard to remember and I welcome every tool which assists me whilst writing regular expressions. Regex101 is my website of choice because it has quick tips, match explanation and explains to me why my regex matches (or not 😅).

  • Base64 Encoder / Decoder
    You can also encode and decode base64 data in your terminal. But most times I use

  • Remove Background
    Sometimes I need to remove the background from images. is the perfect tool for this task.

  • JSON Query Playground
    I often need to deal with JSON data (for example in API responses). I like to use jq to query JSON data. The JSON Query Playground allows me to build jq queries in my browser.

  • Deepl Translator
    You might already notice that I am not a native English speaker 🤗. Deepl helps me to check whether my wording is correct or not (if you can recommend a good grammar checker, please put it in the comments 🙏).

  • LanguageTool
    LanguageTool helps me to proofread my articles. There are also browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, LibreOffice and many more.

Hosting ☁️:

  • Netlify
    Netlify is the perfect place for static sites. I host several websites there and deployment is done in seconds.

  • DigitalOcean
    Since DigitalOcean offers managed Kubernetes, I have set up a cluster for testing purposes.

  • Firebase
    Hosted databases, authentication service and static file hosting from Google. Perfect for side-projects 👏

Docs 📗:
  • Docker
    The Docker 🐳 documentation. What more could I say?

  • Kubernetes
    Kubernetes is a powerful beast but it makes deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications so easy (depending on what you compare it to 😉). The Kubernetes documentation is the one-stop-shop for my problems/questions.

  • GatsbyJS
    I recently started using GatsbyJS, for most tasks I need to consult their documentation.

  • React
    I used Angular for many years but switched to React a couple of months ago. I often need to look into the React documentation (I cannot remember conditional rendering syntax even if I try really hard 🤫).

  • DigitalOcean Tutorials
    There are many good tutorials written by DigitalOcean community members. At the time of this writing, there are over 2,200 tutorials. The topics range from setting up a Linux server to highly specialized topics such as installing a Galera cluster or canary deployments with Istio and Kubernetes.

Fun stuff 🤡:

  • CommitStrip
    Comics about the daily life of web agency developers.

  • Giphy
    Gifs are always good for a laugh in our Slack channels 🤩

Changelog 🔀:

If you like my content, you might want to follow me on Twitter?! @fullstack_to

Top comments (12)

selahattinunlu profile image
Selahattin Ünlü

Thanks for sharing. I'm using Grammarly. It's great for checking grammar. There is a Google extension and it works almost everywhere :)

matthias profile image
Matthias 🤖

In today's DigitalOcean newsletter, they introduced They have a browser extension too. Maybe an alternative to Grammarly.

Here is an example of

This is also very funny 😉

selahattinunlu profile image
Selahattin Ünlü • Edited

I started to test it yesterday. And it seems better than Grammarly. I like their suggestions as well.

Thanks again :)

selahattinunlu profile image
Selahattin Ünlü

Haha, It seems so cool. Possible spelling mistake found "Grammarly -> LanguageTool" I like it :))
Thank you!

selahattinunlu profile image
Selahattin Ünlü
matthias profile image
Matthias 🤖 • Edited

That's pretty handy - thank you!

I also updated my article with Grammarly 👍 I hope it's better now 😉

trostcodes profile image
Alex Trost

Jake Archibald's SVGOMG is essential for compressing SVGs. One of my frequently used sites.

matthias profile image
Matthias 🤖

Thank you for adding it!

Here is the link: SVGOMG.

morganmccol profile image
Morgan McCollum

Hemingway is great for checking grammar and available online for free.

matthias profile image
Matthias 🤖

Thank you!

dpaine20 profile image
David Paine20

Great thanks for sharing. For your tools section. Here is a website I would like to suggest
You must check it out. That website contains the tools related to decoding and encoding (URL, base64), number utilities, unit converter, developers, string utilities, converter, and IP tools as well under one domain. That will definitely help the users.

dpashutskii profile image
Dmitrii Pashutskii

Nice article! Thanks for the, Array/Object explorers and amazing! I'm tired of Google Translator, too bad they don't have an app.