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A gentle introduction to Vuejs

VueJs is a Javascript front-end framework, it merges together some of the most interesting features of other frameworks such as ReactJs and AngularJs, the first was created by Facebook, the second by Google. Vue, on the other hand, does not have any major of the computer industry behind it, but over time it managed to carve out an important space, and is increasingly preferred to others for a variety of reasons.


Compared to other frameworks it has roughly the same functionality, but has a much more linear learning curve for a newbie.


VueJs has borrowed a pretty cool feature from React: the virtual DOM.
Put simply, the DOM is a light copy of the web page, when every change is made by the user action, Vue compares the new DOM with the saved virtual one, and only makes the required changes, without having to completely redesign the page.


Vue, when compared with the other frameworks, turns out to be the lightest ever, the core functions library weighs only 16 Kb!

Useful resources

The official documentation should be a must read at all.

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