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Do you have any technical books to recommend ?

mattmattv profile image Matthieu Vion twitter logo github logo ・1 min read

Hello Dev community !

In 2018 I would like to read more books but also more technical books !

(by more I mean at least one, I didn't read any tech book in 2017, shame on me...)

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So I would like to collect your recommandations, I do some front and backend stuff (JS and PHP), but I think more basic and general book would be more suitable.

Anyway, I'm open to any suggestions,

I wish you all my best wishes for this new year and much success for your projects !

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I recommend extreme programming explained is an awesome book about XP and Agile software development, and The Pragmatic Programmer is about programmers mindset.


Game-programming Patterns, available here:

The book is available online for completely free but you can buy a PDF, ePub or physical copy of the book if you either prefer having one or want to donate to the author.

  • Working Effectively with legacy code
  • Clean Code
  • Clean Architecture
  • Head First Design Patterns
  • Test-driven Development: By Example

Here are my recommendations for 7 classic software development books every developer should own:


Domain driven design, Evans
NoSql, Fowler
Building Microservices, Newman
TDD, Beck
Clean Code, Martin
Refactoring, Fowler

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