What kind of library RxJs and Angular use to generate API documentation ?

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I'm developing some TypeScript library and I looked to existing API documentation, and I stumbled into those from Angular and the new one from RxJs.

I wondered if anyone knew what sort of library/process they use to generate those pages, I would be very interested to know !

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The angular team made angular.io largely from scratch I believe. I've seen the angular team talk about it in random comments here and there, but I don't think I've ever seen them explain it in depth.

The best (possibly only) source of info for it is the github repo.

I also noticed the recent RxJs doc remake, and I previously looked into it because I was curious about the obvious similarities between it and angular.io (it made me wonder if RxJs, like angular, is owned by google). My soft conclusion was that the RxJs team is somewhat close to the angular team, angular does make extensive use of rxjs after all, and the rxjs team just chose to lift angular.io and use it as a template for a much needed rxjs doc update.

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