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Using Kentico Kontent in LINQPad

mattnield profile image Matt Nield ・1 min read

Sometimes you simply want to try out some code without having to go through the ceremony of setting up a project. Using tools like LINQPad can help by providing you with a quick way to run .NET small queries and programs in isolation, with a really powerful set of methods to output the object graphs to a results window.

I use LINQPad a lot, and most recently with the Kentico Kontent headless CMS. Kontent has a set of .NET SDK which wraps it's API and makes it super easy to use as a .NET developer.

In this video, I'll introduce LINQPad and show you how I use it with Kentico Kontent.

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Sean G. Wright

I've tried for years to find ways to use LINQPad with Kentico Xperience, but was never successful. Maybe by this time next year I can...

But I'm glad to see it works well with the Kontent SDK 🤘

mattnield profile image
Matt Nield Author

Yeah, it's pretty sweet. I'm planning to try out a nice HTTPClient intercept with it too to cache the the API responses for a while. Pretty sure I'll write that up or create a video too!