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Learning to code? Join our growing Discord community - questions, networking, mentorship

Learning to code, and want to find like-minded people?

Learning to code can be a lonely process.

I learned how to code via the self-taught / coding bootcamp route 2 years ago. This was a challenging process, especially without guidance. It would have been so much easier if there was a group of people I could relate to, and also if there was a way to connect mentors with mentees.

Join our growing Discord community!

Feel free to make an intro in the #INTRODUCE-YOURSELF channel.

This group was created to:

  1. Connected like-minded people
  2. Relate on the struggles of learning
  3. Boost confidence in your coding journey
  4. Connect mentees with mentors

Are you currently learning to code? Come join, and say hi:

Do you know anyone learning to code / trying to break into tech? Please share this group with them!

Are you looking to be a mentor? There are a bunch of motivated people in this group looking for extra guidance! I'm trying to help as much as I can as a single person, but it'd be great to have some more help!

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