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Why you might not be a fit for coding bootcamps

I went to a coding bootcamp recently. These are the reasons why I went and considerations I took when deciding to go.

There are many reasons why someone should (or should not) go to a coding bootcamp, if they want to break into tech. It’s ultimately dependent upon their situation, but here are some reasons why someone should go.

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5 Reasons you should go to a coding bootcamp

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1. They didn’t have chance to study software / They wanted to try something new

  • not everyone gets a chance to go to college
  • not everyone gets a chance to study software in school
  • It’s a reasonable way to make a change (regarding time / monetary costs)

2. They want to learn in demand skills

  • how much one gets paid generally reflects how much their skills are worth
  • job security is arguably a lot better in an industry where the skill is in demand

3. If they enjoy software (make sure to try it out first)

  • software can be fun, but it’s not for everyone
  • try it out on a platform (like FreeCodeCamp) for a few weeks, see if you enjoy it

4. They enjoy learning new things

  • this is an industry where every day you have to continuously learn!
  • learning on the fly is an important and transferable skill

5. They can sustain themselves for up to 12 months after the bootcamp

  • it can take up to a year to get a job after the coding bootcamp
  • make sure they have a fallback plan in case they run out of money

Are you considering going to a coding bootcamp? If so, make sure you do your due diligence, not all are created equally. What considerations are you taking into account when trying to decide?

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