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Functions in Python

What is function?

  • Function is way of problem solving by dividing the problem into sub-problems and finding their individual solution and combining them to solve original problem.

Function Definition:

  • defining the role of function
  • actions to be performed by functions are written in the form of statements here.


    def function_name(parameters_seperated_by_commas):
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notice the : and indentation i.e four white spaces.

Some Rules:

  • function_name must not be python keyword
  • code following colon(:) must be indented.

Function Call:

  • calling the defined function
  • to execute the work we need to call the defined function.
    to execute function, We need to invoke function.


Suppose we want to write a program that draws a house, a car and a cat.
Without use of function we end up writing whole code for drawing house, a car and a cat at a place.

     def main():
         statements for drawing house
         statements for drawing car
         statements for drawing cat
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which works fine but tracking, debugging is difficult and probably not the best practice.
so what we do here is make function for individual work like:

     def draw_house():

     def draw_car():

     def draw_cat():
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and we will call the defined function in our main function as:

     def main():
print("task completed")
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Types of Functions:

  • Void Functions:

    • The function that doesn't return anything.
    • simply speaking, The return type is None
      for example:
      If we want to add two numbers given to function and print it's result then:

      def addition(num1,num2):
  • Fruitful Functions:

    • The function that returns some value
    • The return type is not null.
      for example:

      def addition(num1,num2):
          return num1+num2

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