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मौसम अधिकरी
मौसम अधिकरी

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Introducing Python

Introducing Python:

Python is High level interpreted language.

Python is:

  • easy to learn
  • interactive programming language
  • efficient high level data structures
  • simple but effective approach to Object Oriented Programming.

Python's elegant syntax and dynamic typing together with it's interpreted nature ,makes python an ideal language for scripting and rapid application development in many areas on most platforms.

Python was developed by Guido Van Rossum in 1991 at the National Research institute for mathematics and computer science in Netherlands.
  • Naming of python was inspired from his favorite comedy show Monty's Python's Flying Circus.

Features Of Python:

  • Easy To learn and Use
  • Expressive language i.e more understandable and more readable
  • Interpreted language
  • Cross platform language
  • Free and Open-source
  • Object Oriented Language
  • Extensible language - C , C++ can be used to compile code
  • Large Standard Library
  • GUI programming Support

Applications of Python:

  • Web applications like Django , Pyramid , Flask
  • Desktop GUI applications using Tk , Wxwigets , kivi , PYQt
  • Software Development for build ,control ,management and testing etc
  • Scientific and Numeric applications like Scipy , Pandas , Numpy
  • Business Application like ERP, E-commerce as Tryton
  • Console Based Application like Ipython
  • Audio-Video based Application like Timeplayer , Cplay
  • 3D CAD Applications like Fandango
  • Enterprise Application like OpenERP , Tryton , Picalo
  • Application for Images like Vpython , Gogh , Imgseek.

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Aditi Khanal

Great going Mausam!! Would love to read more from you in the coming days.

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मौसम अधिकरी

Thank You. I will for sure.