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My Top JavaScript Techtalks of January

I hope you enjoyed my My Top React Techtalks of 2019.

Since I watch a lot of dev conference talks, I decided to follow up with monthly instalments of my top tech talks.

January was a quiet month, as far as dev conferences go. So, I had the chance to catch up with JavaScript conferences from 2019 and watch many interesting talks.

The following are my favorites:

1. Serverless can do that?!

As a frontend developer you might think - why would I even care about servers? 🤔 See how empowering serverless can be.

2. Staying confident without feeling like an imposter

"I often worry that my colleagues are smarter than me and one day they'll discover how incompetent I really am." Explore techniques to build confidence as a developer.

3. The HTML Treasure Hunt: from JavaScripter to Front End Superhero in 29 Minutes

How much do you know about HTML’s semantics? A co-editor of the HTML spec will take you on a magical treasure hunt around HTML.

4. 10 thing I learned making the fastest JS server runtime in the world

Top #10 things I've learned while putting JavaScript on the top of server-side benchmarks.

5. Future Ethics

Understand the moral challenges that lie ahead for technologists, and how to create more thoughtful, ethical products for future generations.

6. You Belong Here

Learn about the characteristics of thriving open source communities and how to create a healthy, welcoming community of your own.

7. Building Fast Angular Applications from End-to-End

Explore many of Angular features and improvements in the pipeline that allow anyone to build and deploy performant apps with very little overhead.

8. Controlling a swarm of drones with NodeJS

See how to control multiple drones using JavaScript. With the help of Node.js we'll send commands to the drones and read back their telemetry.

9. Immer, Immutability and the Wonderful World of Proxies

JavaScript Proxies are fun and powerful, but you should probably never use them! Learn why. Plus, see how Immer makes working with immutability easy,

10. Rust, WebAssembly, and the future of Serverless

Learn about Rust, WebAssembly, serverless technologies, and how it all fits together.

11. It’s My (Third) Party, and I’ll Cry if I Want To

Understand the performance impact of external fonts, analytics, ads, tracking, and more.

12. Oh, the Management Mistakes You Will Make!

This talk breaks down the transition from being a Senior Engineer at a company to becoming a new manager.

13. Testing Tools and Their Friends

Tools that supercharge unit, integration, and end-to-end tests, with a focus on Cypress.

14. Turbo charging 2D on the web

Learn the alternative ways of presenting 2D content in the browser (CSS, Canvas, WebGL), along with the pros and cons of each one.

15. Remembrance of Tags Past

In the 30 years since the Web's creation, the list of HTML tags has slowly grown. This talk is a fascinating journey through the evolution of the web and HTML.

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