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React Hook around Apollo GraphQL query

Here is an example of the custom hook around Apollo query, with simple reuse and keeping things in one place.
BTW you can check React Hook around Apollo GraphQL mutation here.

import * as RH from "@apollo/react-hooks";
import gql from "graphql-tag";
// users query
export const USERS_LIST_QUERY = gql`
  query GetUsersQuery($input: UsersInput) {
    getUsers(input: $input) {
// query entity hook
export const useUsersQuery = (variables = {}) => {
  const { data, loading, error } = RH.useQuery(USERS_LIST_QUERY, {
    variables: { input: { online: false, ...variables } }
  return {
    users: data?.getUsers || [], // list with default value
    isLoading: loading, // loading state
    error: error?.graphQLErrors, // parse errors here
    refetchUsers: data.refetch // refetch your query

More tips and best practices on my twitter.

Feedback is appreciated. Cheers!

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