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Why Should You Use A VPN?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, in many of my guides I will always recommend using a VPN Service for the ultimate online protection. But, what does it actually do? I’ve been asked this question many times so I’ll explain it here.

A VPN will essentially masks your IP Address and location when browsing the web. When you visit a website in the headers (this is like what it requests) it will send a host IP which will either be your Home IP if your on your Home Network or Mobile Sim IP Address. Every network has its own IP Address, it’s the internet’s way of sending and receiving packets. It’s like your Home Address, so people can send and receive parcels they need the Address. When your VPN is active all it does is instead of talking directly to your Router it will forward the request via one of there servers (usually this is there nearest one, you can in there app) and you will look like your sending that packet form there server, this will make your IP completely hidden. But beware, if you don’t choose a “safe” VPN Service they will be able to see any of your traffic these are the ones I recommend below:

  • VyperVPN - Paid
  • ProtonVPN - Paid, Free Plan Very Limited

There are many more out there just these 2 are great ones I recommend.. For anymore help you can contact me on my discord server!

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