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Keeping Yourself Safe Online

As the Internet evolves so does the threats and attackers that lie below it, did you know 60% of small company’s close within 6 months to cyberattacks?

Protecting Yourself On The Internet

The internet is probably the most important section in this post, many threats can lie on it. My first recommendation is using DuckDuckGo instead of Google, Google tracks nearly everything you do from your IP to everything your search for there “Personalised Ads” these are mostly intrusive. DuckDuckGo on the other hand doesn't collect any information not even your IP Address, they don’t use Personalised Ads so they are less intrusive on your Privacy.

The second thing I would recommend is a VPN which stands for Virtual Private Network, this service will be Paid but can be as low as £5 a month I personally recommend VyperVPN the one I personally use, VyperVPN will connect you to the nearest server so you would look as if your at there Server, this service completely hides your IP online. I choose VyperVPN as they provide Zero Logging Servers and even offer there own Zero Logging DNS Servers.

The third thing I would recommend is using a third-party DNS Provider, your DNS (Domain Name Server) will map a domain to an IP Address, say for example I looked up ( my DNS Server will say okay ( goes to (, your DNS Server will most likely be your ISP’s DNS which most likely track the sites you visit. If you are on windows visit this guild and change the DNS Primary to and Secondary to these DNS Servers are CloudFlares which provide the fastest servers and also provide great Privacy.

The forth thing is always use a Password Manager, do you ever find yourself using the same password over and over again on each site? If a hacker got that password they would have access to all your accounts. I would suggest using a Password Manager like 1Password, Dashlane or Lastpass. I personally use 1Password due to the extra security features but it is Paid and Dashlane and Lastpass are good Free Options.

The last thing is to use a AntiVirus, this isn’t directly linked to online but this will prevent you from downloading anything malicious onto your computer. I would recommend looking at Bitdefender they offer a Free Plan and a great Paid Plan, this is the one I personally use and never had an issue with it…

Even after using all these it won’t make it impossible to download anything malicious or to get any information exposed or collected. Always use the Internet with caution, it can bring some wonders but also some great dangers..

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