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"There's a Dashboard for That" New Open Source Template for Bug Tracking

We built DevLake to be the most transparent and personalized solution to make sense of development data. DevLake unifies the fragmented and heterogeneous data inside your development tools, and makes it easy to query that unified data, all within a customized dashboard.

We've succeeded in building the technology, but it's only the beginning of the journey!

We are now on a mission to continue growing the capabilities of DevLake, to make it ridiculously easy and effective to implement, we are creating highly specific dashboard templates.

A totally custom development dashboard is just a few minutes away for anybody!

  • Want to improve code quality?
  • Want to accelerate delivery?
  • Want to identify bottlenecks?
  • Want to improve technical retros?
  • Want to improve observability?
  • Want to improve on SLAs?

To paraphrase our friends at Apple: "There's a dashboard for that."

Every. Single. Week. We will be releasing a new open source dashboard template.

We want to help the world of software development become one that is more data-driven, all while celebrating the often hidden accomplishments of the people building that software. We're confident this is one practical step we can take to bring this vision to life!

If you want a particular dashboard or set of metrics, or need support to get something set up, let us know, we'll make it happen, at no cost to you or your company.

To kick things off this week, we built a weekly huddle dashboard for evaluating and triaging bugs.

  • What new bugs were created last week?
  • What bugs got fixed last week?
  • How does that compare to the previous week?
  • What are our oldest bugs?
  • What's the average age of bugs in our backlog?
  • How many new bugs do we create each week on average?
  • How many bugs are we fixing each week on average?

We built this dashboard inspired by conversations and use-cases with our friends at Scarf and Coder (both awesome teams building great developer tech!)

The template is ready for you to customize in the current DevLake release, available right now on GitHub for everybody.

With each update, we will be making more templates available to empower you to spend more time doing what you love: building.

More Dev. Less Ops.

**GitHub Link: **

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Maxim Wheatley

If you're interested in diving into the lake (couldn't resist...) shoot me an email at or find me on Twitter. We'd be happy to set something up for you, or to help you out. There are no hidden 'strings attached' here. We want feedback and we want to share our project far and wide! Thanks gang!

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This is a super cool project! I feel like this is a really great tool for small to medium sized devops teams. Have you ever thought of incorporating a monitoring tool like Merge Freeze? It basically allows you to block and schedule merging, thus preventing bugs especially during downtime.