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Interesting content ideas you may try

Content is usually one of the core components of most Developer Relations programs. Technical content such as tutorials, how-to’s, articles is a great way to scale your program. Previously I shared how one piece of content can help you create more content and also where to publish content. In this blog post I will share interesting content ideas that you may consider beyond the standard tutorial or a how-to.

You will learn about the following content ideas:

  • Notes or summary from a conference, meetup
  • Event in 10 pictures
  • Links to series of articles
  • Links to previous month video recordings

Notes or summary from a conference, meetup

When you attend a conference or a meetup it’s most likely to learn something new. Take notes during the event and then write a blog post and share what you learned. Writing and publishing what you learned – will help you reinforce what you learned. It will also help other people learn. You can put your notes in an outline format or write a few paragraphs. Here are a few examples:

Event in 10 pictures

Attending the same conference or meetup, take pictures of interesting slides, content and people and then publish them in a blog post titled: “Event-name in 10 pictures” (you can of course use more pictures 📸). Here are some examples:

A side note, I try not to spend too much time live tweeting during a talk. It distracts from taking good notes. You can always share the pictures on social media later.

Links to series of articles

Once you publish a series of articles on a particular topic you can create a blog post which has links to all the articles in the series. You can also use a tag. For example, you can include all the blog posts tagged with a particular tag, such as DevRel (click to see an example) Or you can include all the articles that talk about content in DevRel space. A title of such blog post can be: Working with Content, a 5-part series.

Here is another example of a series I did a few years back: What is – the complete series. This blog posts consists of links to other blog posts.

Links to previous month video recordings

This one is similar to the previous idea. IBM Developer SF hosts and records one online meetup every week. We have four (and sometimes more) online meetup recordings each month. At the beginning of next month I share all the recordings with a short summary what developers learned. Here are some examples:


I shared a number of content ideas 💡 you may use if you want to publish something other than a step-by-step tutorial or if you are just stack 😬 on what to write about. There are other content ideas out there. If you have any, I’d love to learn about them so please share in comments 🙏.

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