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Learning About No-Code: All Blog Posts from 2020

I’m very passionate about the no-code space. Before joining IBM I co-founded, a visual low-code platform for building mobile applications.

A no-code flow in Parabola

I truly believe in the promise of no-code:

  • Make software development faster and easier
  • Democratizing software development

Perhaps a more general version of these two points can be:

  • Make building solutions with (no-code) software faster and easier
  • Make it possible for everybody to build solutions

I encourage you to read the first link below: What is no-code? which covers these two points in more detail.

A lot of the content I published this year is using Parabola. Parabola is a no-code visual platform where you build a flow or automation by connecting small step together (as shown in the image above). It reminds of a Serverless where you build an application connecting small functions together. And with Parabola you do it in a similar fashion but in a visual way. In fact, many examples below take an application built with code and then rebuild the app with no-code using Parabola.

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A list of all articles from 2020:

If you want to chat about the no-code space, please reach out on Twitter or LinkedIn. I’m always happy to chat.

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sonu sharma • Edited

These are great list of blog post where one can learn all about no code tools.
There is a no code tool i would like to suggest called Nodezap.

🏗 We built a 100% open source community software called Forem.

You can contribute to the codebase or host your own.