New service for deployment automation

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Hi guys,

We are working on a service for deployment automation. No more routine server configuration and deployment setup. Simply connect your CI and that's all.

The service is called DeployPlace.

DeployPlace is a transparent deployment tool by developers for developers, with the possibility to easily deploy complex Kotlin/Java/Scala applications, as well as static websites or client-side projects directly from your CI.

Unlike other deployment tools, we show you every step we make in our live editor.

We just launched our pre-launch campaign on IndieHackers and look for Early Adopters.

You can check out the details at

Feel free to share your feedback and thoughts regarding our project.


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Hi there before posting, please have a look at the code of conduct and terms of use to assist you in categorizing your content.


Is there anything bad in promoting such a service for DevOps engineers?


Nothing bad, but needs to done in accordance with code of conduct and the terms of use and placed in the right section.

Could you please clarify what exactly we did wrong? We are new on, so we would like to follow the rules of the, I will appreciate your help!

Please have a look at the content policy (#11) of the a terms of use.

If you want to promote your services, please have a look at the listings section.

A great way to post here and still showcase your product is to write a tutorial with a use-case relevant to the dev audience here.

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