The Career Adventures of Johnny JavaScript

Max Antonucci on April 05, 2018

In my ongoing quest to find good books that are both manga and non-fiction, one coder in my network recommended "The Adventures of Johnny Bunko" ... [Read Full]
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This was great! Very insightful and I couldn't agree more! Being that I am the youngest dev in the office by a pretty big margin, I run into advice like this by seniors pretty often. I made simple mistakes on my first ticket. Everyone joked about it at first but on a serious not they all preached lesson 5 to me. It was an mistake I can learn and grow from. Everyone should realize no matter what stage you are at you will always run into "Excellent Mistakes"


It's great to hear that your senior devs encourage those kinds of mistakes and learning from them. That's one of the best things for younger devs on a team, it's certainly helped me become a more regular part of the workflow at my position. Having a supportive environment is often the difference between "excellent mistakes" and just "mistakes."


Absolutely, keep releasing great information like this it's extremely helpful.


An "excellent mistake" is one where the benefits of how we grow from it outweigh its initial consequences.

Always worth remembering


My own take on this lesson for a while has been "learn so much from failures they become successes." Looks like this book beat me to that lesson, although I actually pretty good about that.

I just wish I'd learned it from the book instead of from some past car trouble...


I feel like all this advice is relevant for life in general. Great post!


Especially the last tip. All of them are great for work and life, but how we leave an imprint behind us best reaches to everything - work, relationships, home, fun, pizza, petting huskies, and the other life essentials :)


Excellent piece Max, and I agree. Very curious about the book. Definitely will pick up a copy!


Thanks, very glad my piece can help spread word about the book. My post really doesn't do it justice haha.


Haha! The post may not do the book justice, but it achieves ITS goal!


When I was younger, an older friend once told me to "invest in failure". That has stuck with me for almost 20 years.
I apply it to all aspects of my life.

Great article. Thank you for posting it.

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