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How to make a game with python

simple game for kid

In maths class it will be more interesting if we have a kind of game that kids could play and still be learning from it. here I am going to show you how to write codes for multiplication game.
The nature of our game

  1. we need the screen to display question and ask the kid to provide the answer
  2. the question should be multiplication of two random number from 1 to 20
  3. it should state if the kid get it right or wrong
  4. repeat the question 10 times
  5. print the kids scores. Now that we have known the nature we need to interpret it in code form.
    • we need randint() to generate random number
    • input() and int() for kid to provide answer
    • for loop in range 10 to ask question 10times
    • if function to check if answer right or wrong
    • counter that keep the score record
    • print() function to print out the result. Now let's code it.
from random import randint #to import the randint
for i in range(10):
    a=randint(1,20)#first number
    b=randint(1,13)#second number
    que=int(input('Question {}: {} x {} ='.format(i+1,a,b))) #format method to insert the question order
    if que==a*b: #check if the answer is correct
        mark=mark+1 #counter
    else:#if the answer wrong
        print('Wrong! The answer is', a*b)
print('You scored {}/{}'.format(mark,10)) 
#woow our game has been made
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Now run the code did you see how interesting it is? good! you can change the multiplication sign to plus,divide or minus to build different kind of game. did you enjoy it yeah, remember to like.

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