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Need Help! Abandoned Website Dying Torn Apart by Marketing Vultures

maxxsh profile image Max Shestov ・3 min read

A Genuine Wish to Revive Abandoned Website: My Passion Project

This is going way off the topic of but I would like to share with you a story of how I came across a very nice designed website that became an orphan and continues to surf the internet alone.

Alt Text
The homepage of INNERDESIGN.COM looked absolutely stunning in 2011

The website was created as a community for design experts and passionate from all over the world with the main focus on Interior Design.

I started to walk through the elegant website and had the sudden realization that the website looked like it had been tossed.
And sure enough, I found out that after 2014, they were not posting anything on the website nor were they active on the various social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest which they had set up to connect with their customers and fans.
So I found that the site was created in 2011, on the cutting edge of technology during that period of time, and it still looks great!

What might be the reason for abandoning such a beautiful website?

Being a web designer myself, I understand how much planning and effort might have been put into this one to create with lesser-known resources and knowledge.

The possibility is that some unfortunate event occurred to the owners of INNER DESIGN all of a sudden? The reason must be something catastrophic. Something this good could not have been abandoned without a very serious reason.

Perhaps the owners of INNER DESIGN do not exist anymore.

The next thing I thought about was that we as a web community should try to revamp this website which has high Google rankings [ Alexa ranking is 89,315 ].
I, along with my team, decided to contact them, but that step, as expected, turned out to be not so easy. The site administrators are not answering calls, and emails sent to reach out and connect are returned with error messages.
The “Creative Web” agency from Milan which created this website has a broken contact form. Our attempt to contact them by commenting under one of the blog’s posts has gone unanswered.

Alt Text
Twitter and Facebook pages of INNER DESIGN

The website probably has Italian roots. The domain name and hosting service are probably in auto-renewal mode. The Facebook page has three administrators from Italy but sadly, it doesn’t reveal their profiles. was built on WordPress CMS and seems to be perfect even by today’s standards, but the bad part is this abandoned site has become the dumping ground for all sorts of malicious activities. You also might notice that the speed of the page’s loading is very slow.
Users are not paying attention to its design and functional aspects but feeding on it like vultures to pick up the design nuances and content and embed their codes and links to establish their websites.

It is pathetic and pitiful!

The website has become an ignored and abandoned site and the dumping ground for a lot of malicious activities. People from all over the globe are using the site to communicate using the platform as a vehicle for spam comments trying to fetch backlinks to their websites.

Alt Text
INNER DESIGN website being used as a vehicle for some strange conversations

Because of the high authority of the website, spammers use this backlink on their own websites for their own promotion.

I genuinely would like to help the site owners (if they exist) clean, revamp, and refurbish the site and make it look new with some tweaks here and there. It will do wonders.
My humble request to the entire web community: Let’s find out the way to make up and running again, or at least to figure out what happened.

Let us save this web orphan from surfing on the internet alone. If we do not care now, then ultimately it will fall into bad hackers’ hands or ultimately die a tragic death. If the article can make an impact or if it reaches the site owner someday, we can hope. Or if some of you can reach out to them, please do so!

You can read the full story of how I accidentally came across the website here.

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crindi profile image

Hi Max.
If you get to the point of having contact information for any of the original web team and need someone who speaks Italian, let me know. :)

maxxsh profile image
Max Shestov Author

Thank you, It would be great!