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Some Best Data-Science Courses for Free

Hii 👋 all geeks out there! This article is to make you familiar with the most amazed technology in this current working environment - i.e. Data-Science.

Wondering What is Data-Science📅

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data, and apply knowledge and actionable insights from data across a broad range of application domains.
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Let me tell you this important information that the ---- Data-Science and Data-Scientist job profile is considered as the Sexiest job for the 21st Century which has been reviewed by the researchers of the Harvard University. If you are not believing me then google it, you will be amazed after seeing the results.

So now you all may be want to among those of this sexiest and amazing thing out there in the upcoming years. The level of income for these roles are also are pretty much high in the tech market.

Let's go into some stats✍ and show you that the average salary for a fresher data-scientist is 10,00,000🤑 lakh per annum in India and outside India it levels up for $70,000🙊 that's also for new entry-level job in this awesome field.

So, What these actually do🗺

They does the amazing stuff and the fun activities by the every bit of data and information that is available to them in every possible way. Data Scientist helps organizations to come-up with their issues and problem by combining the Computer Science👨‍💻, Statistics📊, Mathematics➕, Algorithms, and apply some of the models. Data scientist work with the business stakeholders to determine their reach and how to able to attain and acquire such goals. They builds predictive models, apply suitable algorithms and gets a lot of data to provide it as inputs and then analyze those outputs and share these with the insights peers.

Some of the roles under Data-Science field includes -

  • Data-Scientist
  • Data-Analyst
  • Data-Engineer
  • Data-Architect

What to learn📘 to become a successful Data-Scientist

You have to learn and follow a series of Skills to master this profile

Statistical analysis:

Identify patterns in data. This includes having a keen sense of pattern detection and anomaly detection.

Machine learning:

Implement algorithms and statistical models to enable a computer to automatically learn from data.

Computer science:

Apply the principles of artificial intelligence, database systems, human/computer interaction, numerical analysis, and software engineering.


Write computer programs and analyze large datasets to uncover answers to complex problems. Data scientists need to be comfortable writing code working in a variety of languages such as Java, R, Python, and SQL.

Data storytelling:

Communicate the insights using data, often for a non-technical audience.

There are some built-in skills that have to be master by an individual by itself, these include,🤔

  • Logical thinking
  • Critical thinking
  • Analytical thinking
  • Interpersonal thinking

🔎Now let's come to the list of Data-Science Courses

1.Jovian Platform

Jovian is an end-to-end cloud platform for Data-science and Machine Learning. There are a list of free courses to try out and get the valuble certificates by completing all the assignment and most importantly it provides you to work on a simple project to expand your knowledge and get full cover over the concepts you learned. This you can add to your porfolio and resume to boost the placements. Jovian provide a built in notebooks to run and excute the sets of code at the same time. Also you can save these notebooks for future purpose and also share with others or the social media over the different networks. This is one of my favourite platfrom to expand my deep knowledge in Data-Science field.

You can visit here and register for free - Jovian

2.LEAPS Platform

LEAPS provide the same platform to learn the data-science skills. It provides the experience hands-on data-science with the virtual lab to follow. these courses are designed by the industry experts in these fields. Also they have a rich content of tutorials and a list of examples to follow.

You can visit here and resister for free - Leaps

3.Coursera Platform

I don't think I've to provide information about this much known portal for online learning. You all must be aware about it , They have a lot of courses to pick-up from and the level of content provided by the renowned lecturers form the most known universities is pretty much enough to take up these courses. You need to pass the assignment after the tutorials to get a certificate of the courses. You can use your college or professional email to register and get the courses for free.

You can visit here and resister for free - and pick the course of ones interest - Coursera

4.DataCamp Platform

This platform is also great suitable to enhance your skills in the data-science field. They have a bunch of lessons to try out. Its easy and simple to learn on this platform as it explains in step by step procedure and to try the exercises and examples on their coding virtual platform. More than the videos tutorial you will get the hands-on coding experience and apply these skills to your daily work. There are some free as well as premium courses to try on this platform, you can pick any one that is of your choice.

You can visit here and resister - Datacamp

5.freeCodeCamp Platform

FreeCodeCamp is an interactive learning web platform where you can learn the important technologies in free as it is a non-profitable organization. They provide a great content of text and videos to follow in a sequential form as each topic is covered one after the other. It also have the community and discussion forum where you can clear your stuck doubts and get the hints to clear the assignment. It's one of my favorite Platform to learn the new technologies.
You can visit here and resister for free - freeCodeCamp

Hope this post helps all the community of learners who want to learn and study new technology in the Data-Science field and did not able to find this kind of suitable platform to learn which provide free access to all and the quality of content.

Thank me later, let's start learning - you can't wait to check these amazing portals, Go and have a Look.

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Thanks form my side, this is Mayank, keep learning and exploring and stay safe !!

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