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third-auth-ms - A micro-service for 3rd party authentication

mbarzeev profile image Matti Bar-Zeev ・1 min read

Creating your own authentication mechanism involves a lot of work and exposes your system to attacks due to breaches you are not aware of or did not handle correctly.

On the other hand, there are 3rd-party vendors which have very solid, tested and trust-worthy authentication mechanisms you can use to you own application benefit, such as Google, Github, etc.

This micro-service aims to help you integrate with those 3rd-party authenticators.

What does it do?

Once set up and triggered this micro-service initiates an authentication flow which validates the user against the 3rd-party authentication vendor, and if valid, returns the user's approved details to be shared with your application.

How does it do that?

Every respectable authentication vendor has means to preform authentication. This micro-service simply consolidates the different vendors and exposes an abstraction API to work with them.

Here it is:

This micro-service is intended to work with other micro-services which construct your application.
Common flow of integrating the third-auth-ms in your system might be:
Common flow of integrating the third-auth-ms in your system

Cheers :)

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