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Mbcrump's Stream Notes - Node.js from scratch

I modeled this template off the one that _clarkio created. Check out his Twitch for live coding and more!

Mbcrump's Stream Notes - December 20, 2019

Node.js from Scratch Part 1 and 2

Stream Replay


  • [x] Jump straight into it
  • [x] Learn about Node.js [Install it, use command line]
  • [x] Basic Web Server in Node.js
  • [x] Express Framework
  • [x] Express Routing
  • [x] Serving Static Files
  • [x] Send data to the view
  • [x] Handling POST Request Body
  • [x] Closing


  • Finished the first series!

Things we learned

  • Learned how to install Node.js, why you would want to use it
  • Created our first app (Basic web server)
  • Installed Expressed and played with some options
  • Served static files and learned how to post data to the view



This table helps point out different segments of the stream. The timestamps link to the video on YouTube at that point in the recording. I do this b/c Twitch deletes videos after 60 days.

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